MAGA Coalition Endorses Lewis in PA-11

Pro-Trump Super PAC MAGA Coalition announced it is endorsing businessman Andrew Lewis in his bid to be replace Congressman Lou Barletta, who is running for Senate.  

“We need congressmen in Washington from outside the political establishment, who will stand with President Trump, and who will fight to put America first in Washington and Andrew Lewis is that candidate,” MAGA Coalition President Adam Gingrich said in a statement.  

Gingrich, a native of Harrisburg, worked on President Trump’s campaign in 2016, and founded the group to “put America First policies at the forefront of our next election season.”  

The group gained notoriety when it brought on former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka on at its chief strategist in September, and held a rally with Gorka and Sarah Palin in Alabama ahead of the primary for Roy Moore, who would go on to win the primary.  

“I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement and support of Adam Gingrich, Dr. Gorka, and MAGA Coalition. Pennsylvania is tired of establishment politicians and want outsiders to go to Congress and fight for them instead of for themselves.” Lewis said of the endorsement.

State Representative Steve Bloom (R-Cumberland) and former Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser are also in the race.  Former federal prosecutor Joe Peters is considering a run.

11 Responses

  1. The Lewis campaign is a joke. He lost to DiSanto for a state senate seat but thinks he has the slightest chance in a US Congressional race? And now he’s hired the imbecile who worked for the Trump campaign who’s just blatantly incompetent…we all dealt with him and he’s a fool and everyone knows it. If Andrew Lewis gets the nomination PA-11 will most certainly turn blue.

  2. What would you call someone who stands and fights for something but as soon as they start losing ground joins the other side? Most people would call them a sell out. I call them Adam Gingrich. Then again, morals and values weren’t ever his strong suit.

  3. Andrew Lewis mailed out a piece claiming to have “personally kicked in 50 doors” on a single mission when in the military. Maybe his platoon kicked in 50–maybe–but there’s no way he personally kicked in 50 as he claimed in writing. Like he’s the only guy breeching doors on an entire mission. What is he, friggin karate kid with the best foot in the entire military? Combat veterans who go outside the wire, including members of SF and SOF reading this call BS. The guy exaggerates. He’s not a silent professional. Joke.

  4. Anyone who does business with Adam Gingrich isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Ask anyone in Lebanon County GOP circles what they know about the guy’s arrogance, anger management problems and other lousy habits. Even Mike and Casey Long don’t seem to be able to stand him anymore.

    MAGA? Adam Gingrich can’t do it.

  5. This is hysterical! Apparently this PAC doesn’t do it’s homework. Lewis was a Marco Rubio guy. Little Lewis. The guy is so inauthentic.Lewis isn’t even honest about who he really supported. He will just adapt. Just what we need–another malleable guy in Congress. This bendable guy will suck up to special interest so fast, he will need to buy a lot of chapstick.

  6. “Marco Rubio is the only person qualified to be the republican nominee for president”
    – Andrew Lewis Dec 2015

    “Marco Rubio is the future of the Republican Party”
    -Andrew Lewis while attending a Marco Rubio debate watch party
    The swamp is pretty good at infiltrating grassroots movements.

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