Maggi On the Air Tuesday (Watch Video)

Larry Maggi, the Democrat running against Rep. Tim Murphy (R-Allegheny) is going on television Tuesday. His ad casts him as a centrist and blasts both Democrats and Republicans.

After a 15 second intro, in which Maggi recounts his progression from his service in the U.S. Marine from 1969-1971, to his work as a state trooper, to Washington County Sheriff, to County Commissioner, he takes aim at both parties.

“I’m Larry Maggi and in Washington County we’re creating jobs by cutting waste, and leading the way in energy production,” he says.

“Washington D.C.’s got it all wrong. Democrats want to kill natural gas jobs, Republicans just want more tax cuts for the wealthy.”

He approved the message, “because Washington, D.C. could learn a lot from Washington County.”

Maggi’s campaign says the ad will be on broadcast stations in the Pittsburgh market starting Tuesday – making Maggi the first challenger to Murphy on television in September, let alone broadcast.

The spot was produced by the Democratic media consulting firm Murphy Vogel Askew Riley.

Murphy is a five-term incumbent who has sailed easily over opponents for the past decade. A psychologist by trade, the Republican enjoys the support of much of southwest Pa.’s organized labor – denying Maggi the strong backing of an interest group that traditionally has been key to Democrats’ success in the region.

Maggi is not listed by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee among its top tier “Red to Blue” candidates, but going on television now may help him make the cut – particularly because other Democratic potential pickups in Pa. fall in the expensive Philadelphia media market.

Murphy Campaign Manager Tyler Foote said voters won’t but Maggi’s independent messaging.

“Larry Maggi can run but he can’t hide from his liberal record raising taxes and giving himself an automatic pay raise every year,” Foote said. “Liberal Larry’s misleading advertising won’t change the fact that the voters of the 18th district do not want a rubber stamp in Congress for the Obama-Pelosi agenda of reckless stimulus spending, job crushing EPA regulations that threaten to shut down our coal and natural gas jobs, and budget-busting Obamacare.”

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  1. Time to expose these tasteless individuals. All these disgusting uneducated posts against Maggi are actually coming from a campaign staff member named Tyler. This is the type of campaign Murphy runs….nasty and full of lies! Nothing that he posts are honest, it’s sad we have a congressman that would stoop to this level! I’m ashamed!

  2. If anyone actually reads this garbage please be reassured Tyler one of Murphys losers us posting this nonsense…yes we all know it’s you posting bizzare LIES!!! Just goes to show what kind of campaign Murphy runs…dirty liars, shame on you. One day you’ll have to own up on PURPOSELY lying to TRY to tarnish a good guy like Maggi. We all see through you, Tyler.

  3. Larry Maggi is the dumbest politician on the planet. To call him stupid is an insult to all the stupid Maggi stooges posting they’re phony nasty comments here. Larry should stick with pounding rocks in Claysville.

  4. @Jed – He’s probably going to caucus with the Democrats. Because he’s the Democratic candidate.

    Nancy Pelosi wasn’t the only person that Democrats voted for for Speaker. In 2011, a number of moderates voted for Heath Shuler. Larry would probably have been one of those Democrats, were he a Congressman then.

    Big tent, guys!

  5. I’ll take Maggi’s balanced budgets, low unemployment , positive economic programs (Southpointe + Starpointe) over Murhpy’s sit on his butt just to get reelected attitude any day of the week.


  6. For those of you complaining about Larry running for office while working for Washington County. What is Tim Murphy doing at the same time? HE’S RUNNING A CAMPAIGN. Last time I checked he is making WAY more than a County Commisioner. Your tax dollars hard at work. For those of you perplexed by Larry not following Democratic methodology to a T, I think it looks like we have a guy who makes his own decisions for his constituents. Looks like he aligns very well for the people of SWPA. He’s got my vote. I’m tired of Murphy and his arrogant attitude. What has he done for anyone in SWPA. He’s almost non-existent in DC. He gets elected and then sits on his hands except for a couple photo-ops and press conferences. Give me a break. Give me the guy who will stick up for his district.

  7. I forgot to mention that I am a retired teacher who has the interests of public education AND medicare near and dear to my heart. Therefore, I feel Maggi stands strong on his beliefs to keep costs down for the middle class senior citizens.

  8. I don’t get it. Who is Larry going to caucus with? We all know how effective independent Congressmen are in their first term. It’s really the first vote that matters most. It’s all fine and good to run as an independent, but he is going to vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House. America already tried that, and she failed worse than Bush or Obama.

  9. You critize Maggi to go for his dreams and have motivation to serve the country at various levels….let’s face the facts…our Current Congressman Murphy is a joke. He’s an arrogant jerk that treats the people he works with like garbage! He’s too busy have a love affair with his highest paid staff member to even care about the country! He votes to cut public education, increase medicare costs and spends taxpayers dollars to take lavish trips with his woman. Quality person there, let me tell you. Get a grip Murphy and get some ethics.

  10. Larry drives a Honda NOT a Chevy! The very first second of this ad is a lie so I stopped watching! Why not drive up in your Japanese truck Larry?? What a phony! You would think the highest paid County Commissioner in SWPA could spend his taxpayer funded paycheck supporting union American jobs. Congressman Claysville?!? Please! Maybe Larry should run for State Sen instead…oh wait…you tried that but dropped out because it would ruin his State Police pension…no wonder he wants to go for the triple crown! State, County AND Federal pension! Get a real JOB Larry…or at the very least DO THE JOB YOUR PAID TO DO instead of continuing to be a taxpayer funded candidate! (Larry for State Senate 2010…Team Larry/Diana for Commisioner in 2011..Larry for Congress 2012) MAKE LARRY WORK!!

  11. What are the D’s going to say that gave him all that money! I saw Larry at the Mt Lebanon Parade with the Democrat Committee, what a hypocrite!

  12. Maggi seems like the right choice! Murphy doesn’t have my vote this year that’s for sure!

  13. All these pathetic blogs are simply Murphy’s crew running scared. We all know Maggi and The former DA NEVER had any ties together that were corrupt nor did they share the same views. To bad these pathetic individual don’t have to reveal their true identity or they wouldn’t be making up radical LIES to try to sway a vote for temperamental Tim.

  14. Anyone who has known Larry for the past 20 years knows his ties to the Mon valley Democrat machine and how Sheriff Larry was corrupt DA Petit’s handmaiden- and now here he’s saying he’s not a Democrat! Sweet Jesus anything goes in politics when a power hungry fraud wants a nicer office. Larry are you kidding?!

  15. Great ad! Those of you throwing around career politician, its more like life long public servant. Larry Maggi would be an asset to the US Congress.

  16. We need a strong federal regulator because corrupt local officials will use the local share bribes – I mean impact fees – to reward their donors as drillers pollute our streams. If Larry Maggi wants no regulations on the out-of- state gas companies he should switch parties. As a democrat, I’m insulted by Maggi. I’d rather give my time and money to bob Casey.

  17. It is a very effective ad. However, after the “Stupak Democrat” debacle with Obamacare, nobody should ever believe that “prolife Democrat” means anything. When push comes to shove, they will not be pro-life.

  18. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having views that are different from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, Weasel. Like many voters in the 18th District, Larry has his own ideas on what a Democrat is. For him, a good Democrat is less like Dennis Kucinich, and more like Harry Truman. I’d rather have Truman than Kucinich.

  19. @Gene – nothing is more weasel than a career politician who pretends to be something they’re not. Larry Maggi is a Democrat. So why is he throwing Dems under the bus and lying about us -because he wants a new job title, that’s why. Screw Larry Maggi I’m not voting for him now and I’m throwing his yard sign in my trash can.

  20. Wow, Larry Maggi so desperately does not want to be a Democrat in this election cycle. The result is this hilarious ad. “Hi local voters, you don’t know me so here’s some BS and tired cliches to distract you from who I really am…oh, by the way did you I hate Democrats? So please vote for me, Larry Maggi, Democrat candidate for Congress.”

  21. Sheriff Maggi forgot to mention in his ad how he’s still strong-arming county workers and business owners to support his campaign. When will he come clean on the Maggi-Pettit Shakedown Scheme?

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