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WashCo Commish Maggi Gets in Vs. Murphy

By Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi officially announced his bid for Congress this morning.

“I’m running for Congress because southwestern Pennsylvanians deserve a representative who will put the people of the 18th District ahead of partisan politics,” said Maggi in a statement.  “For too long, too many politicians have put their political careers ahead of the interests of their constituents.”

Maggi is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps and 24-year Pa. State Trooper. He was elected as the Sheriff of Washington County in 1998, and re-elected four years later, serving until 2003 when he won election to his current position as Washington County Commissioner.

With petitions set to begin circulating Tuesday, the time for potential candidates to be coy is over. PoliticsPA has announcements from candidates in the 2nd, 4th and 17th congressional districts this morning as well.

Maggi is a solid Democratic recruit who represents a good chunk of the district. However, despite the district becoming marginally more Democratic during redistricting, Murphy has historically fared very well. No Democrat has ever come within 15 points of him – though Maggi is certainly among the top tier of Dems who have tried.

The real reason it’s important that Democrats want a good recruit is Evan Feinberg, Murphy’s primary challenger. Feinberg – if he can rally national support and money from conservative groups – raises the prospect of a tough primary. On the off chance that Murphy loses his primary, Democrats want to be in place with a legitimate challenger.

The bad news for Maggi? He can expect fundraising to be slow until after the primary.

The district includes the southern half of Allegheny County, southern half of Westmoreland County, and most of Greene and Washington counties (minus their Democratic areas along the Monongahela River).

Update: Here’s the response from the Murphy campaign:

“The voters of the 18th district do not want a rubber stamp in Congress for the Obama/Pelosi agenda of more stimulus spending, more job crushing regulations to shut down coal and natural gas, and more Obamacare,” said campaign manager James Genovese. “We welcome a discussion on why the failed liberal agenda of more government and higher taxes is wrong for the families of Southwestern Pennsylvania.”

Update: Here’s Feinberg’s response:

“Given Tim Murphy’s record of consistently putting his own job ahead of the jobs of his constituents, I’m surprised there aren’t more challengers.  This news means there’s now two liberals running against one conservative to represent a conservative district.”

Here is Maggi’s full release:

Larry Maggi Announces Bid for 18th District Congressional Seat

Buffalo Township, PA: Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi announced today that he is running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District.  Maggi has dedicated his career to serving his country and community, and now looks to continue that service in Congress.  Under Maggi’s leadership, Washington County was 3rd in the nation in job creation in 2010.

“I’m running for Congress because southwestern Pennsylvanians deserve a representative who will put the people of the 18th District ahead of partisan politics,” said Maggi.  “For too long, too many politicians have put their political careers ahead of the interests of their constituents.  As a father and a veteran I have spent my career finding practical solutions to real world problems, and I intend on bringing that approach with me to Washington.”

Larry graduated from California University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and served in the United States Marine Corps. Larry was a State Trooper for 24 years with the Pennsylvania State Police Force. He was elected as the Sheriff of Washington County in 1998, and re-elected four years later, serving until 2003 when he won election to his current position as Washington County Commissioner.  As Washington County’s Commissioner, Maggi has focused on creating jobs, protecting our environment, increasing services for veterans and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of county government.

“The people of Pennsylvania cannot afford more of the same partisan politics in Washington D.C. It is some politicians’ agenda to end Medicare as we know it, cut benefits to veterans, gut our education system, and deny tax breaks for the middle class,” said Maggi. “Pennsylvanians are fed up with what is going on in Washington D.C.”

Maggi has dedicated his career to serving southwestern Pennsylvanians and is a lifelong resident of Washington County. He currently lives in Buffalo Township with his wife, Mary Jeanne. They have four children: Bronwyn, Michele, Charlene and Paul, and two grandchildren, Ava and Ryan.

19 Responses

  1. Brian and all – Murphy’s days are numbered one way or the other. He is extremely corrupt and should be prosecuted by NCSI [redacted for violation of the comment policy]. Nate has spilled his guts in Washington County one two many times.

  2. Reallly Sarah…or I mean Tim Murphy…come on people…slandering is the not the way to win elections! Best Wishes to Larry Maggi! You have our support from the Mon Valley. How pathetic of these people to slander. Look in the mirror before you critize.

  3. California Kid is Shawn Logue. Logue chases ambulances by day and pushes Feinberg trash after his drunk clients get sentenced. Losers!

  4. Larry Maggi is crooked and corrupt. Has been a cog in the Mon Valley Democrat payback machine for decades. Larry Maggi is not going to win because he owes too much to the Democrat machine and is a stooge for them. The days of Larry Maggi went away back when he was first elected in Washington County – 20 years ago!

  5. Maggi will win and Washington County will finaly have a voice in Washington DC. I heard a former state trooper on Murphy’s staff is even rooting for Maggi – not surprising.

  6. He is considered a Doctor, he works on PTSD. Judy why dont you abandon Evan and help fight against Maggi this election. Maggi would destroy evan.

  7. You are attacking Rep. Murphy for being in the Navy. It is great that Maggi was a marine but you don’t attack Murphy for being in the Navy. Washington County is far from being in economic prosperity. Go take a drive through the Mon Valley. There are only a couple places to live in Washington County that are a great place to live. That was a pathetic attack on the Congressman and if that is the Democrats talking points in the fall Murphy will DESTROY!

  8. Get real. Maggi lined his pockets with gas company payoffs to turn the other cheek as they ripped off Washington county residents one by one. Larry Maggi did absolutely nothing to create jobs. What has he done for veterans other than exploit them for political purposes. Just another sleazy politician bought and sold by his corporate master and doing whatever it takes to keep feeding at the public trough. Only desperate no chance candidates like Maggi or Feinberg would use an anonymous surrogate to attack Murphy on volunteering to help veterans with PTSD and brain damage. Don’t recall seeing either one of those two serving overseas or volunteering at home. When did Larry see combat? Never. He better be careful how he goes down that whole I’m a veteran road.

  9. Larry Maggi is dumber than the rocks really creating the jobs in Washington County (that’s Marcellus shale, people). And Larry, I mean Shawn, if Larry is really fighting reassessments, why is he leaving county taxpayers in the lurch less than three months after they sent him back to office? Larry needs to explain to me why he’s abandoning his post. If he wanted to become a congressman, he shouldn’t have ran for county commissioner. Same with Diana Irey who now all of a sudden wants to be a treasurer.

  10. As a resident of Washington County, I have seen how Commissioner Maggi and his colleagues have lead the county to have one of the highest growth in employment and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. Commissioner Maggi is a man of honor and integrity. He is FOR the middle class, fighting everyday to keep our taxes down (perfect example…his conservative views on tax dollar spending…Voted against Joe Hardy loan and fighting against unnecessary expenses to a county reassessment). With all do respect Sarah…there is your proof! I agree with Mr. Rebar…it’s time for a change. As far as a member of the US Navy…did congressman Murphy ever really serve a minute in boot camp to achieve this honor in the Navy? I really want to know how did Congressman Murphy really become a member of the US Navy? Just saying…

  11. I don’t know how he created jobs in Washington County. Where is the evidence? Rep. Murphy is pro life pro gun and doctor in the Navy. He has shown no reason to get rid of him. John Rebar offers no reason to replace Congressman Murphy with Larry Maggi.

  12. Calling Larry Maggi, a united states marine a retired state trooper a pro life, pro gun
    Elected official is puzzling? In Washington co he created jobs, kept taxes low and is involved with our veterans. Finally a common sense common person to represent us
    I like what I see

  13. Feinberg demonstrates at every turn that he is nothing more than a junior Hill staffer who hasn’t lived here for the past decade but thinks he knows politics here. He could never ever get elected here, primary or general. My God what a self serving spoilsport. Murphy will annihilate him and hopefully put an end to destructive outsiders moving here solely to promote themselves for office on a phony record and hate fueled rhetoric. At least Maggi has a real record, lousy as it is.

  14. Congressman Murphy is one of the most bi-partisan members of congress. Maggi attacking his record on anything is fine but to call him partisan ha thats a joke. Why do you think he is getting a challenge to his right? A district that is 2-1 democratic and elects Mr. Murphy by wide margins is evidence that he is bi-partisan and he is liked by Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. My word of a advice is for Republicans to rally around Rep. Murphy now because Evan Feinberg will lose to Larry Maggi in a general election.

  15. Commissioner Maggi’s label of Congressman Murphy participating in partisan politics is blatantly false. My favorite example is H.R. 7. This bill, proposed by Congressman Murphy, received bipartisan support that helps create jobs in the energy industry.
    Congressman Murphy is a strong proponent of middle class families here in SWPA. He has my support!

  16. Career politician= Larry Maggi. Larry just got elected a month ago for his 5th term in office and now already running again for another office? Next thing Larry will be announcing a statewide run with his best friend Diana Irey who just similarly screwed over Washington County voters to jump ship for higher office. Liberal Larry and Dirty Diana.

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