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Mango Ads Hit Snag

Two ads from Paul Mango’s Gubernatorial campaign are caught up in issues.  One used stock video from Washington in an ad, and caught flak for his joke about raising five daughters in the other.

In his ad “Advice” Mango appears in front of a group of construction workers while talking to the camera.  The construction workers video though is stock video from Bainbridge Island, WA according to Getty Images.  Campaigns often use stock images and videos in their ads to keep costs down and help speed up the turnaround time for ads.  

“This is just like the media to miss the message and nit pick the ads,” Mango campaign spokesman Matt Beynon told PoliticsPA.  

On Mango’s Facebook Page, a user commented on a public post that his “TV ad in which you state that you are prepared for the bickering in congress because you raised five daughters is a sexist comment and thus offensive to me and I am sure to other women who hear you comment.”  The comment is talking about Mango’s ad “Interview” in which he holds a “press conference” where he answers questions about why he is qualified for the office.  

Mango thanked the commenters who agreed with the comment and said “it is insensitive and we are taking it down.”  The comment has since been deleted, while the ad remains up on Facebook.  

“Paul Mango is prepared to take on both to bring our jobs and our children back to Pennsylvania. Raising five children together with his wife Dawn was just a humorous way of making the point that its time Harrisburg politicians grow up and start acting like leaders,” Beynon said.  

“The point of the ads is not in question.  Pennsylvania is suffering from a stagnant economy and a lack of leadership from the politicians in Harrisburg.”  

While they are minor issues and does not nullify the purpose of the ads, the move by Mango is likely growing pains of a first time candidate for office.

19 Responses

  1. Hey this is great news for Bra-bilker…he gets to produce 20 more low rent videos and TV ads and continue to bilk sucker Mango for his ineptness. Well played, BRA-BILKER, well played.

  2. Not a good start for Mango at all. Shows what can happen to a neophyte when he tangles with the likes of Brabender.

  3. Yea. A house with that many teenage/young women was probably not emotionally charged and dramatic at all. Who the ef are we kidding? We are all offended by this joke? Turn the sensitivity knob down and relax.

    P.s. I’m not voting for him.

  4. all this is tangential, for he has failed to explain why he endorses medicaid expansion [a.k.a. ObamaDon’tCare]

    1. As opposed to assaulting a campaign tracker, missing 109 votes as a senator, voting for rendell, and endorsing a bathroom bill with wolfe. You should add another drum to your set. That one is getting worn in.

      1. supporting ObamaDon’tCare goes to the heart of conservative policy during the past decade; i care not about ad-hominem defenses, regardless of how loudly you wish to beat a snare drum

  5. Brabender Doesn’t care, he still gets his 15%. I feel bad what Brian Nutt and Brabender are doing to this guy he isn’t even smart enough to know they are using him for his $.

    1. Why do you think anyone cares what paid politicos like you think? We dont and you are overplaying your hand. Wagner has been loosing FB likes for 3 months. Might want to focus your energy elsewhere, im sure he is paying u enough for a better product than your current effort.

  6. Paul will be forgotten about 48 hours after he loses this May. I’m sure he’ll be disappointed when his 15 minutes of “fame” are over.

    1. W. Clark
      Wagner 4 lyfe

      If you are going to post under 6 different accounts at least try to change your writing style a little. Looks like you guys are nervous about Mango

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