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Mango Campaign Releases Teaser Video of “Day in the Life of Tom Wolf”

The Mango for Governor campaign released a teaser video for a “behind the scenes, day in the life of Tom Wolf” video they will be releasing in the coming days.

“Over the coming days, the Mango Campaign will give the people of Pennsylvania our take on Tom Wolf’s failure to provide leadership and proof that Tom Wolf has never seen a tax increase he doesn’t like,” Mango campaign advisor Matt Beynon said.  

The video shows a preview of the videos to come and goes through some of Republican’s main hits on Wolf, including poking fun at his jeep, and his “most liberal Governor in America” label.  

The campaign is releasing these videos as part of a push to label Wolf after the conclusion of this year’s budget stalemate.  

“Our Governor has never got a budget done on time, but he can find time to propose over $8 billion of tax increases.  Makes you wonder, what does Tom Wolf do all day?” Beynon said.  

Update: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party pushed to tie Mango to Republicans who stopped progress on Wolf’s proposed severance tax and who Wolf and Democrats blamed for the stalemate.

“It seems like the Mango campaign put more effort into hiring stunt doubles than paying attention to the facts. Tom Wolf has been working to pass a common-sense severance tax, while Paul Mango’s buddies in Harrisburg have been standing in the way. That’s why Pennsylvanians know they can’t trust Paul Mango,” Democratic spokesperson Beth Melena said.    

You can view the video below.  

13 Responses

  1. Thank you for your sharing. Thanks to this article I can learn more things. Expand your knowledge and abilities. Actually the article is very practical. Thank you!

  2. Mango should demand Wolf tell Pennsylvanians who gave out the millions of dollars in pot growing licenses.

    1. I’m more interested in the list of state legislators who received bribes/gifts to block the shale severance tax.

  3. Since the PA Dems clearly too busy riding around Philly in Uber’s all day to know anything I’ll fill you in on a little tip- the Govs schedule is online for everyone to see. Ya probability should have mentioned that in your response. Just a guess.

    1. Who is auditing the PA Dems credit card account? Why aren’t the members upset with all the money being wasted by ED and her Deputy? Maybe Wolf is paying the bills for the Party – only the shadow knows!

    2. Lawrence

      My impression is that records/receipts were *cough* *cough* “lost” (probably in a shredder when the story broke).

      The “leadership” seems as interested in investigating Uber-gate (and related abuses) as Trump is eager to investigate collusion with Russia. It’s not a great leap of logic to assume similar motivation.

      1. When did this story break? Doesn’t surprise me at all, though. Harris and Pellington can barely do their jobs, and Melena is a terrible comms director. If they ran a candidate unopposed, they could still find a way to lose the election.

      2. Not Matt Damon-

        They story broke around the beginning of this year, when the 2016 campaign finance reports became available and the insane Uber charges stood out.

  4. Two problems with this ad:

    1) the ad appears to violate fraud, false advertising and libel rules by pretending this actor is Tom Wolf.

    2) Wolf isn’t that productive.

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