Mango Endorsed by 20 County Commissioners

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango announced the endorsement of 20 county Commissioners from 16 counties across the state.

“I am honored to receive this outpouring of support from such respected community leaders.  I have said from day-one that my Administration will work hand-in-hand with local and county officials to help restore the dream for all Pennsylvanians.  These strong leaders have stepped forward to join our campaign and together we will accomplish our shared goal of bringing our jobs and our kids back to Pennsylvania,” Mango said announcing the endorsements.  

Mango’s endorsements come from counties across the state, including Berks and Dauphin counties.  The endorsements will likely help Mango’s campaign with local activists that are tied to the Commissioners.

“Paul Mango is a family man, businessman and a patriot. He is a true conservative that understands that Harrisburg doesn’t know best,” Berks county Commissioner Christian Leinbach said.  

“County and local officials constantly deal with Harrisburg politicians who believe they know best, but never step foot in our communities. That’s not Paul Mango.  Paul Mango has reached out to us, sought our input, and is committed to working with local and county officials to make our Commonwealth stronger,” Dauphin county Commissioner Jeff Haste said.  

Mango was endorsed by Beaver County Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley, Berks County Commissioner Christian Leinbach, Blair County Commissioner Bruce Erb, Butler County Commissioners Kim Geyer and Leslie Osche, Clinton County Commissioners Pete Smeltz and Jeffrey Snyder, Dauphin County Commissioner Jeff Haste, Fayette County Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink, Greene County Commissioner Archie Trader, Mifflin County Commissioner Stephen Dunkle, Northumberland County Commissioner Samuel Schiccatano, Commissioner Tioga County Joseph Kantz, Tioga County Commissioners Lee Knepp and County Mark Hamilton,Union County Commissioner Preston Boop, Warren County Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin, Washington County Commissioner Diana Irey Vaughan, and Westmoreland County Commissioner Charles Anderson.

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12 thoughts on “Mango Endorsed by 20 County Commissioners”

  1. Bakrey Zissell says:

    good choice Paul is to not run for a term for governor maybe I will support you in a future US Senate run or a governor run in 2022 if Pat Toomey decides to retire or when potentially tom wolf is term limited if he does wins reelection this year though I maybe will not is support you though because I will maybe support someone else maybe.

  2. Dump School Taxes says:

    He could take the republican Nomination based on his stance to eliminate Property taxes. The Demo’s and Pub’s have missed how important this “concern” is across the state. property tax relief is hog wash since the lottery fund is raided by at least 50% to other causes.
    Drop the flag waving and get on with defined plan and he takes the prize …legislature is not even seeing the real issues

    1. No more liars says:

      He originally opposed property tax elimination on his Web page, saying he didn’t agree with swapping taxes and wanted to keep all “relief” local, but after getting hammered by the property tax activists he changed his stance. The man sways with the breeze and cannot be trusted.

      1. NO property taxes says:

        Yes he did but he is one of the FEW who recognized the property tax issue. Only downfall will be if the legislature reacts in advance of the election (s) disturbing his chance.
        the real bingo card is to fix the teacher pension fund, fix it or fix via bankruptcy!!!!

        1. Jeff says:

          Wagner knew the importance from the beginning. Only one to actually vote for SB76.
          Mango keeps lying.

  3. Louis Lack says:

    This patriot stuff is a little too much sometimes. As is the saccone rhetoric that democrats hate America. Mango is a wealthy business consultant created by consultants and there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe after the election he will provide consulting advice to these commissioners for their sick counties.

  4. The Skeptic says:

    Endorsed by Diana Irey Vaughan? Looks like SOMEONE’S a little upset that Wagner got to pick his LG.

  5. College Dem says:

    If he gave Diane Marseglia 25k she’d have endorsed him too!

  6. Dilbert Pickles says:

    Got my popcorn, waiting for all the Wagner staff to call Mango a big fat phony.

    1. Zay Raborney says:

      It’s really enjoyable watching them over react to everything Mango does. They are truly triggered by his mere presence.

      1. W.Pa GI Joe M says:

        Triggered for sure! Mango got em on a string!

    2. Jeff says:

      Easy to call a phony a phony.

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