Mango Gets Closer to a Run

Paul Mango_std_img (1)PoliticsPA has learned the Paul Mango was in Philadelphia last week for meetings with leading Republican operatives.  

The Allegheny County businessman is considering a bid for Governor. He is a senior partner at McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm.  He is a West Point alumnus, who served in the U.S. Army from 1981-1986.  He received an MBA from Harvard in 1988.  

Sources familiar with the meeting have confirmed that Mango was in the city for meetings with Nan McLaughlin and John Brabender.  McLaughlin is the founder MJM Strategies, firm that specializes in political fundraising, and Brabender is the owner-partner of BrabenderCox, a communications consulting firm.  Both worked with former Governor Tom Corbett’s re-election efforts in 2014.  

Brabender confirmed the meeting. “If he decides to go forward with a run, my firm will be involved,” he said.  

For prospective GOP candidates, there is no time to waste.

State Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) already announced his bid for Governor.  His role in budget negotiations will keep his name in the news for the next several months. And his ability to put lots of his own money into his campaign means any opponents need to be able to message and fundraise very well to ensure Wagner does not consolidate support early.  

The list of rumored candidates include former Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley, Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman (R-Centre), Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Butler), and House Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana).

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20 thoughts on “Mango Gets Closer to a Run”

  1. Collins James says:

    “Wagner speaks to the forgotten taxpayer”

    That actually made me laugh, look at his voting record, get him out and put someone new in? You are either his mother or you work for him

  2. Collins James says:

    Great idea vote for Wagner, a part of the problem. We need citizens to run, do any of you really believe this man will do worse than those before him. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results=insanity. Mango all the way!

    Also let’s try voting others into office, citizen politicians, there used to be many, before lifetime healthcare benifits, pensions, lobbiest. Take our country back one office at a time. Mango you have my full support, I hope you are one of many more to come.

  3. Eye on you says:

    Don’t fuck with the Mango!

  4. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I think for he will win this Governor’s race in 2018 and I will support him too.

  5. DelcoSocialist says:

    Brace yourself. Offensive SNL memes are coming…

  6. charles P Sexton Jr says:

    If Mango were smart he would run for the Senate!! That would be the smart play!

  7. Katy Otto says:

    Whew, I hope this guy runs as he looks super beatable. Plus his name is Mango. This would be helpful!

  8. clueless says:

    Dopes – just as his competitors do. You have no clue. You work in a cubicle at a state agency don’t you?

  9. Dopes says:

    Snopes fails to realize that he’s getting the lowest bid by using day laborers to do the work to drive down costs. In addition, he’s historically used his Rich Uncle Bob Kinsley’s reach to strong arm contracts. Which is also where this “self made” millionaire got all his start up money. Wagner is about as self made as Trump.

  10. Snopes says:

    Steve, that is factually incorrect. Local municipalities issue RFPs (request for proposals) to waste collection companies. Bids are awarded, by law, to the lowest responsible bidder. This is all a matter of pre-existing state and local laws andprocedures. There is no “shaking down”. Your post is declare wholly false.

  11. Billy says:

    Wolf contracted with his company, McKinsey & Company 1.8 million is that a pay off not to run? Stop your contracts on our dollars

  12. Ron says:

    A primary contest! I’ll take Wagner and give Mango a 5 point spread.

  13. Steve says:

    M. Pelky, Scott Wagner has been shaking down local municipal trash contracts for years leaving local residents no choice but to use his company. That’s how he’s made his money…by forcing local taxpayers to use his company by getting local township officials to adopt single source trash collection.

  14. M. Pelky says:

    Sorry Mango, Scott Wagner is going to be the nominee. He speaks to the forgotten taxpayer. You’ve been shaking down governments for contracts to tell them things they should already known how to do, including our commonwealth. run if you dare, but your going to get SMOKED

  15. so.... says:

    Is this renowned website going to report that Wolf and Mango are in cahoots on the budget?

  16. Gimme it says:

    Mango is the moderate alternative to Wagner? Seriously?

  17. Bono says:

    Mango must know all the hidden secrets of state Government now that Wolf contracted with his company, McKinsey & Company, to offer solutions to cutting costs & offering operational efficiencies. Very sly on his part.

  18. Guest says:

    So is Kelly running?

  19. New_Liberal_Lion says:

    “Cement head Mike Kelly” Lol.

  20. Guest says:

    Proofreading is your friend, Paul.

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