Mango Goes After Wagner’s History in New Attack Ad

Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango is taking off the gloves in a new attack ad against state Sen. Scott Wagner.  

The ad uses a cartoon depiction of Wagner changing his clothes depending on the accusation against him.  

The ad accuses Wagner of being a “slumlord,” attacks him on his record as a bail bondsman, his trash company as being “toxic,” him of being “greedy,” a “deadbeat dad,” and “violent.”


The ad is airing on all the media markets in the state, and will run for the foreseeable future.  

The ad comes just ahead of the Pennsylvania Leadership Council’s Gubernatorial forum, which Wagner is expected to participate in.  The ad will likely create a stir in the room, and could be an attempt to push Wagner off balance.

“Airing this despicable ad with false attacks more than a month from election day shows Paul Mango is desperate, is losing and has no message of his own to run on. He knows Scott is the true conservative candidate in this race, and because of that, he is resorting to smearing Scott’s character rather than talking about his own record or policies. Scott will continue to focus on what this race is really all about, the people of Pennsylvania,” Wagner’s campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo said.  

The ad’s claim about Wagner being ordered to pay $800,000 in child support was also used during his write-in campaign for state Senate in a anonymous mailer but were disputed by Wagner’s lawyer.

34 Responses

  1. Highly doubt either one of these 2 can beat Wolf. Prepare for 4 more years. Along with the Republicans losing their majority in Washington.

  2. We as republicans have brought this on ourselves by our mute response to donald trump and the way he trashes his opposition and the bizarre statements than eminate from him. Mangos counsltants do not live on pa nor do they have to worry about any backlash. They are doing their jobs and will have a nice chit tomplat with governor wolf for the next term. We reap what we sow and the state committee has no leg to stand on as they protest these ads.

  3. The comment saying two jerks neither of which will be governor just about sums it all up. Mango and Wagner ie “Laurel and Hardy” or “Abbot and Costello” of “Rowan and Martin” or “Martin and Lewis”…will have a primary run and conclude all performances in November when one loses to Wolf. These are the bottom of the barrel in terms of getting elected and totally out of sinc with the times.

  4. Word on the street is the Wagner people have an ad coming out about Paul Mango that will probably end his campaign…

    Rumor is that when he actually took time out to vote, he is on record of voting for Obama.

    Sorry, Paul. RINO’s must go. You’re not fooling anyone with your BS ads you robot.

    1. Unless someone was in the voting booth with Mango, how can Wagner’s campaign make this charge. Think about it, can you really see Mango not voting for Romney in 2012?

      However, now that this angle has been brought into politics, I can hardly wait to see Democrats charging Republicans with voting for Trump. That’ll be a winner for the next 25 years. Trump is in the process of ruining the USA’s standing as leader of the free world and trashing our economic strength. Trump will make Herbert Hoover look like an economic genius before he is done.

      1. Wagner has secret footage of Mango in the delivery room at Obama’s birth in Kenya.

        Also has him in record saying he didn’t like Regan’s performance in “Bonzo.”

  5. How appropriate that the political garbage that is Scott Wagner is being exposed. This is the same treatment that Donald Trump should get in 2020. They may have big bank accounts, but Wagner and Trump are both vile garbage.

    1. Finally governor green screen stepped up and threw a punch. We all know Scotty knows how to punch his daughter- PFA doesn’t lie. Daughter will say anything now to keep the money that’s coming to her when ol’ Scotty kicks the bucket!

  6. Say what you want, the ad obviously touched a nerve and it got my attention for taking the gloves off.I liked the way it hinted at the next ad. So how does Wagner counter? Who said, ” Politics ain’t bean bag”, or something like that?

  7. It’s always hard to “not biased” as we all have our subjective views. I like it that Mango grew some balls, but I see it as a “Hail-Mary” (to beat Wagner) as the party is behind Wagner…and all Philly (most) GOP Ward Leaders fell into the party-line of backing Wagner (Ross & Matt Wolfe, etc.)…..

    I don’t like the “Pander-Bear” aspect of Wagner as to his crazy LGBT Bill that could let transgender Boys go into the Girls shower? It’s Scott Wagner’s pandering that sours me on him as he’s too eager to “flip-flop” or “morph” into a Liberal (LGBT stuff) if it’s adventageous to his “back-door” deals being done?

    All likelyhood is Governor Wolf beats whomever it is as he’s not getting flak (except from the GOP)…the “Average Joe” isn’t too upset with his leadership!

  8. This guy can’t beat Wagner’s ability to cut himself checks. No way, no how. Meanwhile yesterday, sent me an email claiming that 91% of his contributions were of $250 or less, from 13,244 people from all 67 counties. That is a very popular governor. Wagner will win the GOP Primary then lose to Wolf, regardless how many multimillion dollar checks he writes himself.

    1. Sometimes we are damned if we vote one way or another, either way, Wolf has to leave, very bad for Pennsylvania

  9. Don’t know much about Mango. Wagner has been a real slime ball for years–A skunk don’t change their stripes

  10. HATE negative attack ads. Prefer when candidates present and focus on positive ideas. Republicans always eat their own in primaries!

  11. Wow take the gloves off. I guess they forgot about Reagan’s 11th commandment. We now have the party of Trump.

  12. These two jerks can duke it out over who gets to lose to Wolf. I’ll be voting for Ellsworth in the primary because she’s the only one who has the temperament to serve as governor. She’ll lose, I’m certain of that, but it’s a better option than POS #1 and POS #2.

  13. LOL well that’s the end of the Mango campaign. I’ve never seen an ad that carries a stench of desperation like this one. Wagner calls out Mango for being a liberal who supported Obamacare and Mango counters with “Scott smacks baby seals with a baseball bat.”


    Paul Mango has been spreading lies about Scott Wagner since day 1. I hate him and I seriously hope the people of Pennsylvania send this green screen robot back to Pittsburgh to shill for Barack Obama.

    1. I believe Mango is really working for Wolf.Wolf is no good for Pa.He has proved his record.As for being toxic because Wagoner owns PennWaste I owned a trash company until my father was tragically killed when the cab of one of our trucks fell on him.Does that make me toxic?We need someone to get rid of the trash in Harrisburg.Line the cans with Mango and put Wolf inside.

      1. I remember you Lenny, you picked up my trash for a time in Pennside, 30+ years ago.

      1. So you know Wagner… I doubt it?

        Anyone who knows Mango knows he is a self-centered millionaire. One of Mango’s daughters is a lesbian… he must have been a great father.

        1. I’m not a fan of either, but that’s an ignorant comment and this ad is trash.

        2. It’s always interesting to see the bigots out themselves with their disgusting, un-American views. A person’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with parenting. Go back to your cave and keep your garbage opinions to yourself.

          1. Issac – John Dilliano clearly is a disgusting piece of human garbage and we should pity his ignorance.

            “It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use of reason as to administer medication to the dead.” -Thomas Jefferson

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