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Mango Launches Pro-Life Statewide Ad

Republican Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango launched a new statewide ad touting his pro-life stance, and hitting Scott Wagner for saying the current abortion law is “doing its job.”

The 30-second ad takes issue with Pennsylvania’s Abortion Control Act, with Mango saying it is not doing its job.  

“For the over 30,000 innocent unborn children aborted every year, our Commonwealth’s Abortion Control Act is not doing its job.  The loss of human life, particularly the destruction of an innocent unborn baby, is a tragedy. Any politician who would defend the existing law as ‘doing its job’ is belittling the dignity of those innocent children and clearly will not fight for a Culture of Life,” Mango said.  

Mango’s campaign cites a 2014 interview Wagner did with the York Dispatch where he discussed the law.  

“He’s not a religious person, and social issues aren’t most important to him, he said. While pro-life, he thinks the state’s Abortion Control Act is doing its job and he has no desire to change the law, he said,” the Dispatch wrote.  

Wagner’s campaign responded wdescribing Mango as “Lyin’ Paul”  and defending Wagner’s pro-life credentials.

“This disgusting ad is exactly why Scott refers to his opponent as Lyin’ Paul. Paul Mango has lied about Scott’s 100 percent pro-life record so many times that the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation had to step in and correct him. Scott obviously does not think that the Abortion Control Act is doing its job, which is why he was a cosponsor of Senate Bill 3. While Paul Mango has spent his entire life sitting out critical elections that have had direct impacts on the pro-life cause, Scott Wagner has a consistent record of standing up for the dignity of the unborn,” Wagner’s campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo said.  

You can view the ad here.  

9 Responses

  1. Tarzi now wants to enact legislation that protects unborn fetuses diagnosed with Downs syndrome. What he fails to tell you as he tries to ram this legislation through, is, how much it will cost the taxpayers of Pennsylvania to care for a person with Downs Syndrome over their natural life with Medicaid, Social Security Insurance, Medicare + Hospitalization, Subsidized housing, paying for caregivers and their every need! Literally runs into the millions! This is the “Pro-Life” movements new “cause celebre”? Give me a break?! The state has no right to interfere between a woman/parents and her/their Doctor!

    This is just more unwanted and unwarranted intrusion into the personal lives of citizens by the state. These grandstanding politicians make the big pronouncements in order to sate a small sliver of constituents who happen to be inordinately vocal about one issue. This is the same group that has bred the extremist that shoot abortion Dr.s’ and blow up abortion clinics and call themselves “Christians”!

    This issue has been decide bu the US Supreme court and there is no going back. It’s case law now.

  2. And another episode of the Laurel and Hardy of Pa politics “The Mango and Wagner Hour” featuring the latest episode of this bungling political duo as they dream of greater glory in Pennsylvania primary process.

  3. this is an issue in the Republican Governor’s campaign? Really Paul. This act was upheld by The US supreme court and is the law of the land. Focus on why we need change in harrisburg. A waste of time and money. Beat up on a sitting governor, that’s the job you want, right?

  4. It’s almost hard to believe there was a time when Scott Wagner supported Planned Parenthood.

    1. Smart zaborney and smart wagner know that murdering 30000 babies a year is not a big deal so why even bother speaking out about it or trying to stop it. Wagner doesn’t mind 30000 murdered babies.

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