Mango Launches Statewide TV Ads

As the statewide judicial elections are wrapping up, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango is launching a statewide TV and digital ad campaign featuring two ads touting his time at West Point and service in the Army.  

The two ads, “Bigger Cause” and “Ready to Serve” are being launched on both cable and network TV stations in all of Pennsylvania’s media markets as part of a reportedly six-figure buy.  

“Ready to Serve” will be familiar to Pittsburgh residents, the ad aired it that media market earlier this year.  “Bigger Cause” is a newly launched ad that pushed Mango’s working class background, and West Point education.  

“Paul’s from a working class Pennsylvania family. He attended West Point.  That’s Reagan with Paul on graduation day.  Then Paul went through Army Ranger Training, and served in the 82 nd Airborne Division,” the ad’s narrator Brandon Rumbaugh says.  

Rumbaugh is a double amputee Marine veteran of Afghanistan, and is a surrogate for the Mango campaign.  

Ads this early in a campaign are designed to introduce a candidate, especially one with low name recognition, to the electorate.  Touting Mango’s service will help him with Republican voters, and veterans in the state.  

Update: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party responding to the ads, attacking Mango’s positions on key issues for next year.  

“Paul Mango is a complete phony who constantly lies about his positions and policies because he knows they are bad for Pennsylvania. The real Paul Mango supports an age tax on seniors, taking protections away from people with pre-existing conditions, destroying Medicaid,” Pa. Dems Communications director Beth Melena said.

You can view both ads below.

“Bigger Cause”

“Ready to Serve:

9 Responses

  1. THIS is problematic!

    htt p://ww ette.c om/early-returns/erstate/2017/06/07/Paul-Mango-candidate-governor-pittsburgh-businessman-spotty-voting-record/stories/201706070149

    “According to Allegheny County voter records dating back to 1988, the Pittsburgh business consultant has failed to vote in every primary contest through 2015. (He did vote in the 2016 and 2017 primaries.) He has also frequently failed to vote in the November general election in odd-numbered years: He has voted only in four such elections out of 15 that have been held since 1988.”

  2. Something is just off about Mango. I can’t put my finger on it. But when I see him I get the same creepy feeling I got whenever I looked at mug shots of Ted Bundy on the news.

  3. Mango: 1) will you enforce death penalty 2) will you stop welfare to illegals 3) will you protect law enforcement
    If you don’t answer those three questions, you are just another Wolf wannabe.

  4. You know who else got handed their diploma from Reagan? Mr. Gang of Eight John McCain. We don’t need any more McCain’s in our party. You served great that’s respectable but no more fake politicians.

  5. John Brabender’s mob name must be Draino because he’s draining Mango’s estate the way he did Santorum and Corbett. Mango supported Jeb Bush and he does nothing but grease insiders like Bush and Wolf so he can be their government “consultant” and rip off the taxpayers by producing bullshi* studies. Mango isn’t even remotely in the ballgame for governor because he’s such a fraud but Brabender gets rich convincing him otherwise. They kinda deserve each other.

  6. What a joke this guy is. He gets a $2 million sweetheart contract from Wolf for a 68-page budget study…which doesn’t include a word about cutting taxes…and now he’s all like Ronald Reagan. Mango you are a true fraud

  7. Isn’t Mango the guy Wolf used tax dollars to hire and teach him about running state government. What was that price tag again??? More money Wolf wasted.

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