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Marc Scaringi Wants Some Of That “Miller Magic”

By Brittany Hundzynski, Contributing Writer

During the 2010 U.S Senate primary election, Republican nominee Joe Miller, stunned the Republican establishment with his long-shot primary victory over incumbent, Lisa Murkowski. Current Senate candidate Marc Scaringi is hoping Miller’s endorsement will help him to capture that same “magic.”

Scaringi called Miller “A true American Patriot” who exercised not only bravery on the battlefield, but political courage by taking on the “biggest name in Alaskan politics for the last three decades.”

He commended Miller for stepping up the plate and pointing out that Murkowski’s voting record was more in line with President Obama than the conservative principles of the GOP. According  the Heritage Foundation, she was rated the most liberal Republican Senator.

Miller’s Communications Director, Randy Desoto who recently joined Scaringi’s campaign also has the same political opinion, stating “The issues that divide Marc Scaringi and Bob Casey, could not be clearer: Marc wants to return to the ideals of limited government and personal freedom, which made this nation the greatest on earth, while Casey wants to travel further down the Big Government road, which has brought our nation to the edge of financial ruin.”

Scaringi hopes that the combination of Desto and Miller will boil together to create the perfect magical potion that will make “Pennsylvania a leading force and get American back on track, grounded in the ideals upon which the country came to be.”

2 Responses

  1. “Miller Magic” is a misleading moniker. Miller lost the general election to Lisa Murkowski on a write-in campaign. A Senate race going to the write-in candidate, that’s the real magic in this story.

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