Margolies Stands Behind Sen. Washington

Sen. Washington
Sen. Washington

The Democratic candidates in PA-13 seem to have some troublesome friends.

This week, Marjorie Margolies supporter Senator Leanna Washington was indicted on one count of theft of services and one count of violation of the conflict of interest statute. She allegedly bullied her state-paid staff into planning an annual birthday bash for the Senator that took up $30,000 – $100,000 worth of taxpayer time.

“LeAnna and I have known each other for 20 years and I have been proud to call her a friend during this time,” Margolies told PoliticsPA. “She was the first elected official to endorse my candidacy for Congress. I intend to support my friend through these difficult times.”

Washington endorsed Margolies back in June.

“While most people remember Marjorie for that one vote, I remember her as a tireless advocate for legislation that made a difference to those whose voices were not always heard in Congress: women forced to choose between job and raising a family now protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act and kids caught in the crossfire protected in 1993 by an assault weapons ban,” Washington said at the time.

Margolies welcomed the announcement, saying “Senator Washington’s life’s work has been to give voice to those who need it most. Her advocacy for victims of domestic abuse and at-risk children has set the standard for those who seek to serve in public office.”

But the report from the Attorney General’s office tells a different story. Most notably from that report, Washington’s chief of staff recalls her saying, “I am the f——  senator, I do what the f— I want, how I want, and ain’t nobody going to change me.”

“The evidence will show that Senator Washington pressured her staff into performing political activities using taxpayer dollars for her own personal benefit,” said Attorney General Kane.

If convicted of all counts, Washington faces a maximum sentence of 12 years imprisonment and a maximum fine of $25,000.

Also running for the Democratic nomination in PA-13, is physician and activist Val Arkoosh, State Sen. Daylin Leach and State Rep. Brendan Boyle.


12 Responses

  1. Why wouldn’t she stand by the corrupt Washington? She knew her husband was a criminal and using funds illegally, but stood by and allowed it to happen. Apparently loyalty to criminals comes naturally. By the way, MM does not live in the congressional 13th, nor does Daylin Leach. What egos people have that they feel they should run for office in an area where the decisions they make don’t even affect their family. SMH

  2. Holy shit batman! Stand by a friend when they are in trouble – somehow is a bad thing!! What is happening to our society?? Has the world become a bunch of good time friends???
    I watched as one candidate throw his “friend” under the bus at the first sign of an issue. Now a “friend” stands up and says this person is my friend and people want to throw her under the bus for that!!! Wow. I’ll take the real friend any day of the week over the good time friend!!
    Be kind- someday it may be you that needs a Friend!!

  3. Marj is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. I don’t get the fascination with her. Other than her son being a Clinton marry-in, there is NOTHING about here that makes me think for one second she is better than any of the other candidates. She runs her campaign on ONE VOTE from 20 YEARS AGO. Second, she has a crooked, sorted past (Was she involved with her husbands doings? Did she overpay herself from her charity?) And come on, if anyone thinks she is running at her age because she cares, you are kidding yourselves. She’s running to get 3 more years so she hits that 5 year mark for the House pension plan. Duh. Worst kept secret ever. She needs the money, sees 3 more years of service as the answer. I wish she would just drop out. I’ll give her whatever money she wants, just stop and go away.

  4. Accused is the word here wolf still stands behind his state rep friend who spent time in jail this is a little different im glad she is standing behind her friend.

  5. “Before that, State Rep. Brendan Boyle supporter Ironworkers Local 401 had members charged with using extensive intimidation tactics to convince construction contractors to hire unionized workers.”

    This has to be the worst sentence ever written in the history of political blogging. Not to mention thematically conflating what Sen. Washington is accused of (which is an actual crime) with State Rep. Brendan Boyle’s fundraising for Congress (it’s not illegal for him to keep those funds, as many hundreds of candidates across the country do in this exact situation every year.)

  6. No Name-
    Well, I do agree that indicted is far bigger than “accused”. But, I actually give Marjorie credit for not throwing her friend under the bus and running away from her as it typical for politicians.

  7. I also agree with David in how that sentence should be written. Apparently, just anyone gets to be an “editor” these days.

  8. ” Margolies OTOH stands by her indicted friend. ”

    . . . WOW. The key word here is INDICTED! Hasn’t anyone in the Margolies camp ever taken a class in political science, or you know – common sense? In the world of politics and campaigns – you want to support your INDICTED long term friend – you do it in private. NOW You are the story …. I can’t wait to see how this is ‘walked back’ To the Margolies campaign – that means … to figure out a way to take back the dumbest mistake I have seen in politics in a long long time. Good luck getting re-elected

  9. “but so far not in any sort of trouble”

    Umm… the other candidates weren’t in any trouble.

    Should read: “but so far with no major supporters in any sort of trouble”

  10. I’m not sure that being accused, then cleared of domestic abuse is in the same category as being indicted for theft of services and conflict of interest. You make it seem as though Leach is sullied by a supporter being cleared of an accusation. Margolies OTOH stands by her indicted friend.

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