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Marine Veteran Considers Run for New PA-16

Marine Veteran Ron DiNicola formed an exploratory committee to explore a bid for the newly drawn 16th Congressional district.

DiNicola, an Erie Democrat, has started circulating petitions as well ahead of the March 20th filing deadline.  

“The voters in Northwestern Pennsylvania can finally choose a representative based on his or her ideas, vision, character, and principles, rather than a candidate’s party affiliation being the dominant factor in who gets elected,” DiNicola said.  

“My wife, Monica, and I, along with our three daughters, have concluded that despite the rigors of such a race, the challenges facing the people of our region and the nation compel us as a family to consider such a run.”

DiNicola currently runs the law firm DiNicola Law Offices.  According to a release DiNicola was a law clerk to Chief U.S. District Judge Gerald Weber in Pittsburgh and Erie, and was the Erie County Solicitor.  

The new 16th district consists of Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Lawrence, and part of Butler counties.  Congressman Mike Kelly (R-Butler) currently lives in the new district.

12 Responses

  1. Ron Dinicola has so much beauty in his heart for people and will work hard to affect positive change. He is a collaborator who brings people together. We are fortunate to have this caliber of individual choose public service. Meet him, listen to him speak, and you will understand why he can make a difference in our lives.

    1. Joe, you should seek professional help. This guy is a nut job, in my opinion. He would not be a good Congressman.

  2. So a Marine veteran like DiNicola shouldn’t be Erie’s member of Congress b/c he represented Ali, who went to prison b/c of his principles, but Bone Spur can be our President? Dude, your illogic would be comical were it not preposterous.

    1. Agreed, here is a rhetorical question: How many members of the last Republican Presidential Administration avoided serving in Viet Nam through deferments, etc.??

  3. Love how the article does not mention there are already 2 candidates running in this race for the Dems!

    1. Herbie – please name the other two Dem candidates running in the new 16th

  4. Muhammad Ali was a draft dodger. If this guy was responsible for representing him then we don’t want him as our Congressman. He should be embarrassed for representing a person who didn’t want to fight for our country. What a joke.

    1. Seriously John?! DiNicola was probably still in grade school when Ali took his case to the courts. More false propaganda and lies from the threatened political right.

  5. Ron is a great person and real champion for the middle class. Always thought he would make a great candidate for congress and I wish him the best of luck if he decides to pull the trigger. Not known by many folks, but he was Muhammad Ali’s lawyer for more than 2 decades.

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