Martin Sheen Stars in Web Ad for Commonwealth Court Candidate

SheenThe Commonwealth Court is not exactly the West Wing, but former President Josiah Bartlet has made it clear he supports Judge Joe Cosgrove.  Actor Martin Sheen, who portrayed Bartlet in the West Wing, called on Democratic committee members to endorse Cosgrove.

The ad begins with Sheen reading a “proclamation” from President Josiah Bartlet. In the proclamation, Bartlet re-appoints Cosgrove to a full term on the Commonwealth Court.  

“I do not have the power to assure Judge Cosgrove’s continuance on the court, but your endorsement of him would certainly go a long way in making that possible, and that’s my point,” Sheen then says.  

This weekend the Pennsylvania Democratic Party will be meeting to endorse its slate of candidates for the statewide judicial elections this year.  

Martin talks about the friendship he and Cosgrove have, spanning over 40 years.  

“I promise you, you will discover not only a fully qualified judge, but equally a scrupulously honest man, and what more could you possibly ask from a judge,” Sheen concludes.  

Cosgrove, of Wilkes-Barre, was appointed to an open seat on the Commonwealth Court by Gov. Tom Wolf in July. He has served as President of the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys and the Luzerne County Bar Association, and as Assistant Dean of Students and adjunct professor of constitutional law at King’s College

He is competing with seven other Democratic candidates for endorsements for two open Commonwealth Court seats, including joins Rep. Bryan Barbin, Timothy Barry, James C. Crumlish III, Irene Clark, Todd Eagen and Ellen Ceisler.  The Court currently has six Republicans and one Democrat.

You can see the whole video here:

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4 thoughts on “Martin Sheen Stars in Web Ad for Commonwealth Court Candidate”

  1. Seneca says:

    Why should we not be surprised? Just like much of the Fourth Estate, most of the entertainment industry and its denizens have long been a branch of the Democratic Party. Somewhat more erratic and colorful than their contemporaries in the press, no doubt, but often (as in Mr. Sheen’s case) more honest.

    Nevertheless, Mr. Sheen appears to have a much-inflated view of his importance and writ in Pennsylvania’s flyover country. At the end of the day, such trumpery on his part could well turn people away and cost Mr. Cosgrove precious votes, and further discredit this state’s higher judiciary.

  2. eagleswing says:

    AD TRANSLATION: ‘i have been friends with Joe for 40 years and i like him a lot and want him to be happy and he will be happy being a judge so i martin sheen his good friend who does not know a rat’s ass from a hole in the ground about PA or the law, want you to vote for my friend joe..’

    this ad has to take the proverbial cake for dumbest reason ever to support a judicial candidate. i question the candidate’s poor judgment and therefore will not be supporting him.

  3. Observant says:

    seriously…I like Martin Sheen, but this is cheesy

  4. Guy says:

    jeeze…talk about commitment to the bit…

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