Mastriano Challenges Shapiro to Pair of Debates With Stipulations

Josh Shapiro, Doug Mastriano

GOP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano has called for his Democratic opponent, Josh Shapiro, to meet him in a pair of debates this fall.

With stipulations.

In a letter sent to Shapiro, Mastriano called for two 90-minute debates in October that would be organized by both campaigns, rather than outside organizations.

The state senator from Franklin County explained that his debate challenge is “designed to give both candidates an even playing field and mitigate the bias of mainstream media which traditionally moderates the debates.”

“I challenge you to two 90-minute debates in the month of October, one at a location of your choosing, and one at a location of my choosing,” Mastriano wrote. “Each debate will have two moderators … who will be allowed an equal number of questions asked of each candidate. The topics for the debates can be open-ended with no limits.”

“Instead of an exclusive broadcast arrangement with specific media outlets, these debates will be considered open media for live broadcasting and streaming,” he continued.

The Republican contender concluded by indicating that “my proposal should make it clear that I am eager to debate you on a level playing field. The old model of unfair debates run by the mainstream news media or hosts with a partisan agenda is not something I will entertain.”

Mastriano wrote that, in his opinion, GOP candidates often face a 2-on-1 trap in general election debates, noting that the media is “unpaid advocates and ideological allies of the Democrat candidates.”

“Doug Mastriano’s unserious proposal is an obvious stunt to avoid any real questions about his extreme agenda and record of conduct by dictating his own rules for debates,” said Shapiro campaign spokesperson Will Simons. “In Pennsylvania, there is a long history of media outlets and independent moderators asking candidates of both parties fair, direct questions about their track records and plans if elected – nobody gets to pick their own moderators or set their own terms. It’s unfortunate that Doug Mastriano has recklessly decided to blow up good faith debate negotiations with media outlets across the Commonwealth.”

Keystone Party gubernatorial candidate Joe Soloski responded to Mastriano’s letter by tweeting, “If you want to debate, you better meet both me, Joe Soloski, the Keystone candidate, and Christina DiGuilio, the Green candidate. No sense in you and Josh just babbling inside your own echo chamber.”

Mastriano participated with opponents Lou BarlettaBill McSwain and Dave White in an April primary debate conducted by Nexstar Media with moderators Dennis Owens (WHTM-TV) and Lisa Sylvester (WPXI-TV). The primary debate was aired by six other TV stations across the Commonwealth and live streamed by four neighboring out-of-state stations, while all radio stations throughout the Commonwealth were provided free access regardless of their market.



13 Responses

  1. Mastriano is the quintessential crybaby. His fear of the news media will only backfire outside of his base – which is dwindling. His sagging poll numbers coupled with the negative publicity from leading the fake electors scam will haunt him even further. He continuously keeps digging holes for himself. Unbelievable.

  2. The Coward Mastriano is AFRAID of the League of Women Voters? LOLOLOL! Yellow-bellied Lil Dougie Only wants GAB to ask him questions! (Side note: Why does Politics PA not allow discussion of Gab here?) Cosplay Soldier Dougie wants Torba to be his Designated Inquisitor.

    1. This is a genius move by Mastriano! It is completely fair. Little Joshie will look like a complete coward and schmuck (again) if he doesn’t take the offer. Each canidate gets 1 Moderator. Doug will win!!!!

      1. I would argue the coward is Dougie and Josh because they refuse to participate with the other 2 candidates on the ballot

  3. I disagree with Dougie. The League of Voters does a great job and to smear them with seedy allegations is bogus. The League moderates or there is no debate.

    1. Dougie Boy is scared of them Wimmin – that is well-known. Refuses to be interviewed by a woman, christian or not.

  4. I’ve got a stipulation for Doug:

    He has to admit that the 2020 election was fair and that Biden beat Trump fair and square.

  5. What Doug says: (WDS)
    “The old model of unfair debates run by the mainstream news media or hosts with a partisan agenda is not something I will entertain.”

    What Doug means: (WDM)
    “I’m totally disconnected from reality and can’t have moderators who have a reality-based agenda.”

    “ at a location of my choosing”
    Crazy location
    — Four Season’s Landscaping parking lot
    — Anti-abortion clinic
    — some place that right-wing nutbags will try to claim as special

    “GOP candidates often face a 2-on-1 trap in general election debates”
    — Doug is afraid of threesomes (except maybe those secret GOP orgies Madison Cawthorne talked about)
    — Doug knows his “ideas” are hollow and can’t stand up to debate/scrutiny
    — Doug is taking page from Trump playbook and claiming the debate is rigged.. because he knows he’s going to lose.
    — Doug wants to choose his own moderator (ie staffer/shill with questions he has pre-fed them)

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