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Mastriano Poll: Mastriano 19%, Barletta 16%, Undecided 49%

A new internal poll from State Sen. Doug Mastriano shows the likely candidate for Governor has an early, narrow lead in the 2022 GOP primary. 

A survey commissioned by Mastriano (R-Franklin) and conducted by WPA Intelligence shows him leading former Congressman Lou Barletta 19%-to-16%. 49% polled were undecided, while 10% said someone else, and 7% said “other.” 

This poll interviewed 826 Republican primary voters from May 10-12 and has a ± 3.4% margin of error.

According to analysts at FiveThirtyEight, WPA Intelligence has an overall B/C grade and favors Republicans by an average of 0.7%. As with any internal poll, the results should be taken with a grain of salt.

The memo provides additional data that attempts to paint Barletta as a weak candidate, while not referencing any other potential GOP candidates. 

“Despite having lower name identification than Lou Barletta and having not run statewide in the past, Senator Doug Mastriano is in much stronger position than Barletta heading into the Republican primary race for Governor of Pennsylvania,” the memo reads. 

31% have a favorable opinion of Barletta, while 12% have an unfavorable opinion of him. 36% have never heard of the former GOP congressman and one time Senate candidate and 21% have no opinion of him. 

24% have a favorable opinion of Mastriano, while 7% have an unfavorable opinion of him. 53% have never heard of the GOP state Senator, while 15% have no opinion of him. 

When PoliticsPA asked if the Barletta campaign has any comment on Mastriano’s internal poll, Barletta campaign spokesperson Kristen Bennet said, “LOL, no.”

The memo makes it clear that Mastriano is also angling for former President Donald Trump’s support, which WPAi says would “end the primary and allows the nominee to prepare for the general in a much stronger position.” 

46% of all Republican primary voters said they are more likely to vote for Mastriano if Trump endorsed him, while 18% said they would be less likely to vote for the GOP state Senator. The memo does not mention what percentage of GOP primary voters would likely back Barletta if he received Trump’s endorsement. 

The Associated Press reports that Mastriano said last week in a radio interview with WEEO-FM in Chambersburg that he met with Trump for “an hour and fifteen minutes” at Trump Tower in New York and said that the former President has previously asked him to run for Governor and pledged to campaign for him. 

However, Jason Miller, a senior Trump aide sent a tweet after Mastriano made those comments and said that the former President “has not made any endorsement or commitments yet in this race.”

Mastriano is attempting to portray himself as the pro-Trump candidate in the race over Barletta, who was backed by Trump during his 2018 U.S. Senate campaign. 

Barletta has made it clear that he is also seeking support from Trump. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Barletta said he is trying to “earn” Trump’s endorsement in the race and fired back at Mastriano for claiming he wasn’t a loyal ally of the former President. 

The polling also breaks down support between Barletta and Mastriano among self-described “Trump Republicans,” “Traditional GOP,” and “Christian Conservative.” 

Barletta and Mastriano were both locked at 23% each among “Trump Republicans.”

Barletta has a slight edge over Mastriano with “Traditional GOP,” (15%-to-13%), while Mastriano leads Barletta with “Christian Conservatives,” (23%-to-15%). 

While the internal poll from Mastriano only included himself and Barletta, several other Republicans have launched campaigns and a few are also reportedly mulling a run. 

Jason Richey, an Allegheny County resident and partner at Pittsburgh’s K&L Gates law firm, and Dr. Nche Zama both formally announced their entrance into the race last week, while former Corry Mayor Jason Monn joined the race in April and Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale launched a campaign for Governor in February

Congressman Dan Meuser (R-Luzerne), state Sen. Dan Laughlin (R-Erie) ,and former U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain, are also reportedly weighing a run for Governor.

This is the second poll made public about the 2022 GOP gubernatorial race. 

In March, Susquehanna Polling and Research released a poll that showed Barletta leading the way in a GOP primary with 20%, while Mastriano had 11%, and 60% were undecided. McSwain, was next in line in that poll with 3%, followed by Meuser who also is at 3%. Former Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley received 2% of the vote in the poll, and “other” was selected by 1%.

This story was updated to note that Jason Miller, a senior Trump aide, said that the former President “has not made any endorsement or commitments yet in this race.”

34 Responses

  1. Mastriano and Barletta are both Trump fascists.
    Mastriano is an insurrectionist traitor to boot. Fetterman
    will beat either of them like a drum.

  2. Mastriano is awesome! he will guide all Pennsylvanians to the Q mothership to heaven with daddy D and away from those smelly liberals!

    1. I thought that they were angels, but to my surprise, they climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies…. DING….. DONG…… DOUG!!!!!

      1. no, my completely straight patriotic brothers, they are interdimensional beings, sent to guide us past these fruity left wing democrats back to our glory days!

  3. Ding Dong Doug is Trumper, Q-Anon, insurrectionist traitor and should barred from running for office. Had Moscow Mitch and Cancun Cruz (traitors and cowards both), not blocked the January 6th investigation, I suspect Ding Dong Doug’s name would have appeared in the investigation record.

  4. Interesting that the in the pocket and low energy politicspa crew will cover Mastriano’s poll but not Fetterman’s. No wonder nobody reads this fish wrapper.

  5. People who continue to support Trump should be called names. They are the bottom of the barrel.

    I’ll stand by my comment.

  6. These two are gonna split the Trump field and the GOP will probabaly end up nominating McSwain or Laughlin. Good.

  7. Cream of the crop here with an insurrectionist traitor supposedly leading – we are so lost

  8. I have liked Lou for a decade, as detailed on prior pages, and I liked Doug after his Chambersburg rally; suspect they’ll abide by endorsement by The Donald, perhaps with the runner-up serving as Lt. Gov. candidate

    i know little about the other putative candidates, other than to express concern that Joe Gale’s ego remains unrestrained; he’s accomplished “0” as MontCo commissioner, despite on-the-job training & desire to “get-along”

    suspect lots will emerge after PA Leadership Conference spotlights others, recalling how Wolf garnered early support to win nomination; thus, unless the other declared candidates shine and/or the other undeclared candidates enter soon, the race will congeal as between two Trumpsters and, thus, will yield quality regardless of the outcome

    1. Trump lost. Trump is under Grand Jury investigation. Trump lost PA. Trump holds elected officials hostage unless they pay him for endorsements. Trump paid porn stars for sex.

      You are a real asshole if you think he is some guiding light for the future of America.

  9. Big Dong Doug is an anti American insurrectionist and should be barred from running for office.

  10. What a minute! Mastriano puts out his own INTERNAL POLL and it shows a statistical tie. Seriously. ROTL!

  11. Don’t know Doug M. Do know I wouldn’t vote for Barletta for dog catcher. He’s self-serving, dishonest and has a weak record of accomplishment as both a mayor and in Congress. He wouldn’t know how to run the Commonwealth.

    1. That describes Mastriano, as well. I’m sure one of the many other Republican candidates will be better than either of them.

      1. Mastriano is a mediocre state senator who has zero understanding of state issues, and is too lazy to learn about them. He wrote a fraudulent book that is under scrutiny and he can’t open his mouth without lying. The one thing he does have is a legion of ignorant followers and a huge ego.

  12. You are a dickface Liar pretending to be somebody you are not, spouting insane comments. When does Politics PA ban you for repeated name thefts?

  13. It’s pretty clear the nay sayers and whoever wrote this article are once again ignoring the a large portion of the people of Pennsylvania and going with the same old, same old. That would be a mistake. And by the way, can any of these individuals pass the highest intelligence clearance not once, but 5 times. I’ll wait…..
    Senator Mastriano did exactly that.

    1. Is that before he wrote his phony book and also lied about not being outside the capitol?

  14. You’re forgetting Jerry Carnicella from Cambria County, who has announced he’s running for Governor. His previous opponents in Cambria County(The guy has run for literally every office imaginable) tagged him as “Conman Carnicella”. Check out his social media and you’ll know why.

  15. Doug has actually been on the frontlines fighting for election integrity. He has my vote.

    1. He voted for Act 77 that allowed the Dems to steal the election with mail in voting- Mastriano created this whole mess. He is part of the Harrisburg swamp and got on board for Trump when it was too late. We need someone else.

      1. Mastriano is that guy at the circus who sells Fountain of Youth tonic for $20 and oz

      2. “Act 77”

        >>> Below is some information pertaining to it and how it was **unconstitutionally changed:**

        1. Act 77 was NOT introduced by Senator Doug Mastriano. It was introduced by Senate Majority Leader, Jake Corman.

        2. The Act was a bipartisan bill meant to both modernize the out of date voting process of 1937.

        3. It was passed UNANIMOUSLY by all Republicans in the Senate and almost Unanimously by the Democrats in the Senate.

        4. Governor Wolf and Secretary of State Boockvar manipulated the wording of the bill, altered it unconstitutionally (they used COVID-19 as their excuse for doing so), and twisted it to compromise our election processes. They made up their own set of rules.

        5. Boockvar (together with the currently corrupt PA Supreme Court) changed the laws to suit THEIR needs by extending the mail-in deadline for DAYS. This allowed for ballots to be counted WAY AFTER the deadline.

        *A bill to allow this constitutionally, was just introduced in the Senate.

        1. Agreed, Jane. ACT 77 was a negotiation for Republicans to pass no party affiliation on ballot, expected to help Republicans, and mail-in voting expansion, for Dems.

          No one knew Boockvar would so flagrantly call Allegheny County, ask for more votes, commit election fraud and have the Supreme Court look the other way.

          Also, Mastriano sucks. He is a grandstanding jerk who lies and manipulates people for the sole purpose of his own personal gain and run for Governor.

          He is an opportunist lacking decency of respect for others

      3. Act 77 was introduced by Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman, not Senator Doug Mastriano. Look it up! Governor Wolf and Secretary of State Boockvar changed the wording of the bill.

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