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Mastriano Says He’s Reached Decision On U.S. Senate Run

Doug Mastriano

State Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-Franklin) said that he has reached a decision on whether to run for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Bob Casey Jr.

During a Facebook Live session while driving into Gettysburg on Thursday morning, Mastriano said he and his wife, Rebbie, had reached a decision a few weeks ago and expect to make an announcement soon. He also teased an announcement about “big plans” for the Keystone State, saying “Pennsylvania is our promised land.”

“The polls do have me walking away with it, hands-down,” said Mastriano, referring to a recent survey that claimed to show him leading Casey in a head-to-head matchup.

In response to a Thursday story in POLITICO that former president Donald Trump has privately told Republicans that Mastriano would hurt him if they were both on top of the GOP ticket in 2024.

“There is obviously resistance from the RINO Republican establishment and RINO Republican media,” he continued. “Whatever. I really don’t care about their opinion.”

“They cannot win a primary or a general election without the base. We are the base. They need to learn to play well with the base.”

“Let’s stay unified. Let’s stay focused. Our strength comes in unity.”

Mastriano also shared some thoughts on the social media platform about U.S. Sen. John Fetterman, who returned to the chamber this week after an absence to treat depression.

“We all saw John Fetterman chairing a subcommittee hearing in Washington, D.C., having difficulty reading a prepared statement,” he said. “Keep in mind that he failed to show up to work ever since May of last year. He missed six months of presiding over the (state) Senate. He’s got one job as lieutenant governor to serve as president of the Senate and he did not show up one day since May of last year to execute his duties.”

Mastriano failed to acknowledge Fetterman’s near-fatal stroke that occurred in mid-May.

“We need somebody fit to serve. And that does not seem that he will get to a point, where he will have the cognitive understanding and ability to do his job.”

“He needs to take care of his health. He has not in the past year and this is probably doing permanent damage to him.”

16 Responses

  1. Mastriano is the kind of candidate that politicos overlook. He’s a lock for Senate nod in May. Casey starts coasting Sen Doug can surprise him. Casey will be ready for everyone but Sen Doug and that can make a race interesting.

    1. So where is Doug going to raise $20 million dollars so he would have a snowball chance in he!! to be competitivel. He will be destroyed in the primary

  2. If Doug runs for Senate, he should be in the Confederate party under the Confederate flag… Officially instead of unofficially

  3. Doug is likely mathematically illiterate to his own polls vs. shapiro if he thinks he can win US senate. way to go, Doug !

    1. He’s so dumb he’s probably looking at polling against Shapiro instead of pulling against Casey

  4. RINO Doug keeps listening to his own ignorant fanatical base. If he actually put in as much work in the State Senate as he does at seeking promotion, he would be more than the mediocrity that he is.

  5. Doug, this is the big guy upstairs. In spite of what you think you heard, I’m telling you now DO NOT RUN….. FOR ANY POLITICAL OFFICE….. EVER AGAIN.

    1. Fake post by a pretender. Nobody needs Dung Mastriano. But it would be nice if he just went away to his own Dung heap.


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