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Mastriano Slated to Speak at ReAwaken America Tour in Manheim

Michael Flynn-Clay Clark

Republican candidate for governor Doug Mastriano is listed as one of the featured speakers at the right-wing ReAwaken America tour event on the weekend of October 21-22 at Spooky Nook Sports in Manheim, Pa.

Promoted as “General (Michael) Flynn & Team America is Coming to Pennsylvania,” the tour features promoters of the QAnon conspiracy, vaccine skeptics, conservative political activists and election fraud conspiracy theorists.

In the version of America laid out at the ReAwaken tour, “Christianity should be at the center of American life and institutions. Instead, it’s under attack, and attendees need to fight to restore the nation’s Christian roots. It’s a message repeated over and over at ReAwaken — one that upends the constitutional ideal of a pluralist democracy. But it’s a message that is taking hold.”

According to the Colorado Sun, tickets sell for $250 and Mastriano is listed as a speaker at the event, along with:

  • Mel K
  • Roger Stone
  • Pastor Mark Burns
  • Jim Breuer
  • Peter Navarro
  • Eric Trump
  • Michael Flynn
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • Kash Patel
  • Clay Clark
  • Mike Lindell
  • Stella Immanuel


The tour is described by Rolling Stone as “a monthly MAGA pageant that fills megachurches across the country.” It is “equal parts tent revival, campaign rally, and three-ring circus.”

According to PBS FRONTLINE, “ReAwaken acts as a petri dish for Christian nationalism and pushes the idea that there’s a battle underway between good and evil forces. Those who are considered evil include government officials and Democrats.

“From the stage, speakers stirred up fear and hatred. Immigrants are rushing over the border “to take your place,” one said. Homosexuals and pedophiles are classified in the same category: sinful people who don’t honor God. Life-saving vaccines are creating “a damn genocide.” “The enemy wants to muzzle you,” another speaker warned. “He wants to shut your mouth.”

The organizer and emcee of the tour is 41-year-old Clay Clark, a former “U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year” for the State of Oklahoma, and the host of the Thrivetime Show podcast.

In an early July event in Virginia Beach, Va., Clark would step up to the podium after each speaker and make pronouncements such as, “Alright, ladies and gentlemen, how many of you believe Jesus is king?” Or, “How many of you believe that Donald J. Trump is their president?” After the applause waned, “And how many of you believe in the power of prayer?””

Clark, who attended Oral Roberts University but did not graduate, was in Washington, D.C., on January 6, 2021, heard former President Donald Trump’s speech, but says he did not broach the Capitol barriers.

There are some contradictions between Clark’s beliefs and those who follow. Yet, as Sam Kestenbaum wrote for Rolling Stone, “Clark sits in numerous other contradiction: he’s a Pentecostal college dropout who owes his new popularity to the church; a business bro who has turned on his former idols, like (Mark) Zuckerberg or (Bill) Gates, as part of an evil cabal; and an assailant of all media whose success owes much to his own media savvy. ReAwaken is ostensibly agitating for a right-wing political takeover, but in private moments Clark can sound more fatalistic. “I don’t think America is savable,” he tells me. “I think all the Christians get slaughtered. I’ve read the whole Bible, I’ve read what happens.”

The shows bring in approximately $300,000 on average, but Clark says that pays the expenses such as security, rental fees and speaker fees. The revenue also helps pay for legal services. He has also been sued for defamation by Eric Coomer, formerly director of product strategy and security for Dominion Voting Systems, saying Clark recklessly spread false, damaging and potentially dangerous claims about Coomer; it accuses him and his company of defamation, civil conspiracy and intentional distress.

Dominion Voting Systems also has ongoing lawsuits against the Fox Corporation, Fox News Networks, NewsMax, One America News, Patrick Byrne, Mike Lindell, Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell.

Speakers on the ReAwaken American tour have been known to change at the last minute, so Mastriano still may not be present or speak.

“I really do believe we are approaching the end of America and I’m trying to stop that,” Clark says. “You just pick a side, do your research and pick a side.”

17 Responses

    1. It’s a shame you don’t have any idea what those words mean, otherwise that could have been an actual insult

  1. The women’s expo is occurring at the same time on Saturday at spooky nook! Who thought that was a good idea? Was planning on going to the women’s event but hate to be there at the same time as these people!

    1. So that is more important than having a constitutional republic. Now you know what is wrong with this country

      1. Brian, I think that you think that you’re saying words in a sequence which makes sense, but I hate to tell you that you’re sadly mistaken

  2. Not a good article, a poorly written hit piece. If you’re going to quote Rolling Stone throughout, say that. This business of him not finishing college, who cares? Is that journalism that you’re proud of. There’s much that isn’t explicitly written in the Constitution but the freedom to practice your religion and the freedom to assemble are certainly there. Please engage in what was previously known as journalism.

    1. You’re kidding, right? The man dropped out of college is but one sign that he is incapable of finishing what he started. If he is so “fatalistic” that he thinks Christians are being slaughtered, then one begs the question, what does he think of gay kids who are being murdered or taking their own lives because they are being tormented and teased on a daily basis. Yes, I have the evidence to back my claims, as do most newspapers and the Trevor Project. His fatalism ends in his parachuting away with a fairly large bank account. Meanwhile, LGBTQ+ youth are parachuting into graves because of the ilks of Clay and his KKKinsfolk.

        1. Why do quasi-evolved apes feel the intense need to announce to the world that they don’t understand reality? I really do miss the days when at least a bare modicum of intelligence was necessary to access the world wide web and post your opinion.

    2. The reality is that Doug Mastriano is a massive piece of crap, and his apologists will all strut and pose like they’ve got some kind of righteous high ground, but they’re also all massive pieces of crap. Are you one of those pieces of crap?

  3. Good article. Thanks. Knew nothing about it. Seems like a shakedown cruise where religion is being used to evoke fear of change when it should bring peace. Yes, there are all religions in this country but acceptance should be preached not fear.


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