Mastriano Stops Interview Over QAnon Question


“GOP gubernatorial candidate state Sen. Doug Mastriano abruptly ended a podcast interview with Delaware Valley Journal, angry over questions about his participation in a rally linked to QAnon conspiracy advocates. The Franklin, Pa. Republican also objected to questions about his participation in the infamous January 6 protest that preceded the riot at the U.S. Capitol. More than 750 people have been arrested for their role in the assault on the Capitol building.

“I resent the fact that you want to castigate anyone who went down to Washington D.C. on January 6th as some kind of enemy of the public. That is dangerous. You’re talking like an East German there,” Mastriano said to podcast host Michael Graham.

Mastriano touted his strong grassroots support during the interview, and political observers agree he has motivated hardcore Trump supporters in the race. The question is whether he can expand his appeal to more moderate voters in a general election against Attorney General Josh Shapiro, the likely Democratic nominee. How, for example, how does he plan to handle questions raised about his participation in the “Patriots Arise for God, Family and Country” rally last month, organized in part by believers in the bizarre QAnon conspiracy theory?

Rather than answer the question, Mastriano instead attacked the “left-wing media.”


  • “I want you to call out Josh Shapiro and scrutinize who’s in his audience or which groups he’s speaking with, or do you give him a free pass? That’s what I always see on the left. And I’m sick and tired of it,” Mastriano said.


  • “How dare you castigate me for gathering with people?”


  • “I don’t like the tone of this whole interview because it is so unfair. I hope you’ll do scrutiny on [Josh Shapiro], or are you just too lazy?”


When the conversation turned to his general election plans for handling questions about his allegations the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump — a claim that has not been substantiated by the available evidence — Mastriano ended the interview.

Delaware Valley Journal has interviewed many of the gubernatorial and U.S. Senate candidates from both sides of the aisle and hosted a debate among Republicans in the Senate race. No other candidate has walked out on an interview or debate.

The podcast audio is available here along with the remainder of the story.


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20 thoughts on “Mastriano Stops Interview Over QAnon Question”

  1. JA says:

    The former Republican party is the party of MAGAts, Q crazies, liars, fools, whiners, and victims. They are always the victims. This guy is a real piece of work. He needs a padded room not a government office.

  2. David Diano says:

    Doug didn’t “just go down” to the Capitol.. he brought a busload of other a$$holes with him, and Doug is one of the seditionists who joined the conspiracy as a fake elector. He should be in jail.

    1. revresbo says:

      He actually used campaign funds to charter a dozen buses for the trip. Spotlight PA covered that.

  3. The Huckabeast says:

    What a weak little man. Ding Dong Doug…. THEEEEEEEE INSURRECTIONIST

  4. Putin says:

    How dare the media ask Dung Mastriano about his unpatriotic behavior. Maybe I’ll ship him some poison to sprinkle on their undies.

  5. theinspector says:

    Doug is known in his home turf as being thin-skinned and generally useless as a legislator. Democrats should be praying for a Doug Mastriano primary win.

    1. Christ says:

      Shapiro is hoping that Mastriano wins the primary because he sees Doug as the easiest candidate to defeat in November
      Ad I am a Republican who will not vote for Mastriano in the primary

  6. Doug4Gov says:

    Doug got 29,000 signatures to get on the ballot. He only needed 2,000. He is supported by true Patriots. He mops the floor w his competition. What did your canidate do in 2020 to reopen the state?? You going to walk away from a stolen election and do nothing? Evidence of a stolen election is irrefutable. Doug knows this.

    1. Hoogie Dooser says:

      My advice to you is to drink and drink heavily!

      1. gulagpittsburgh says:

        I think he already drank heavily, and often.

    2. Dung Mastriano says:

      Where is this irrefutable evidence of fraud? Why hasn’t it gone anywhere? If you have those answers, take them to an election lawyer to take up the case.

      Go see the department of state.

      Go see anyone- people already have. It’s been refuted.

      The extensive fraud did not happen like you loonies think. And Doug just fundraiser and built an organization off your dumb asses.

  7. Bono says:

    Dung is incapable of taking heat, poor example of a soldier

    1. Doug4Gov says:

      Have you served your country Mr. Bono?

      1. Jaxon says:

        That Q-ball head is just what the democrats need to win in November.

  8. Dung Mastriano says:

    True leadership. Just walk away.

    I heard this is what he said to the historians who called him out for lying in his book. “Stop picking on me. I’m right and you are being mean by asking me to explain my positions”.

    What a joke.

  9. gulagpittsburgh says:

    Dung Mastrianno is a wonderful MAGA leader

    1. gulagpittsburgh says:

      fake post by imposter

  10. The Wright Brothers says:

    Mastriano is very much like George McGovern had been in that he appeals to a core base of his party but no one else. Like a driver giving a gesture the R’s are intent to send a message to the public about where they are at in 2022 and it is Mastriano. He will be nominated and will lose.

    1. revresbo says:

      And it won’t be just him losing. He will bring down the US Senate candidate, and probably flip a bunch of the state house districts on the new maps.

      The funny thing, the DVJ is one of those right-wing-funded papers that tries to look unbiased. They were giving him softball questions so he could prove how he would win in the general – and he just proved the opposite! Not just a lunatic – also stupid.

  11. Dewey Finn says:

    Dung ❤️ Qanon!

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