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Matt Cartwright on TV in PA-17 (Watch Video)

Matt Cartwright will go on TV with his first and only ad of the 2012 general election Monday, a playful spot that correlates his household chores with the chores he has to do in Congress.

“Here at home, I have certain responsibilities,” says Cartwright, straight to camera. “Like taking out the trash. In Congress, I’ll take out tax loopholes for millionaires and big corporations. At home, I cut the lawn. In Congress, I’ll help cut taxes for child care and senior care, but I’ll never cut benefits for our veterans.”

It will air at a cost of $80K, including broadcast in the Wilkes Barre/Scranton media market as well as WFMZ in Northampton.

Cartwright has had solid fundraising numbers since he defeated Rep. Tim Holden (D-Schuylkill) in the Democratic primary. He faces Republican Laureen Cummings, a nurse and co-founder of the Scranton Tea Party. In a district drawn to be safe for Democrats, he’s an overwhelming favorite.

Her Campaign Manager James O’Meara said while the commercial is a refreshing change of pace from negative ads, it offers no solutions to our current situation.

“I must admit, the commercial is a pleasant enough diversion from most campaign ads,” said O’Meara. “It clearly outlines Mr. Cartwright’s household duties. The video trumpets what he won’t do if he is elected. But it offers no solutions to the sustained high unemployment plaguing our district, our stagnant economy, the out of control spending in Washington, and perhaps the biggest single threat America faces: a monstrous national debt which threatens to explode in the coming years and send America the way of Greece.”

Update: The Cartwright campaign said this slightly different version of the ad will be the one that will actually air.

5 Responses

  1. That is a great ad! It just lays out his priorities and you get a sense that he’s a decent guy.

  2. Cartwright beat that bum Tim Holden, he deserves to be in Congress just for that. We can’t give him all the credit. Dave Argall softened the battlefield in a losing effort in 2010, and Cartwright finished him off in 2012.

  3. he may have more thing like yell at republicans in congress. make Pennsylvania a progressive state and become speaker of the house in 10 years from now

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