May Jobs Report: Unemployment Hits 5.5%

Unemployment-300x225The May Jobs Report for Pennsylvania was released today by the Department of Labor and Industry.

Pennsylvania’s unemployment rate rose two-tenths of a percentage point from April’s 5.3 percent to 5.5 percent for May. The national average decreased to 4.7 percent, meaning that Pennsylvania’s unemployment continued to be above the national rate during the month of May.

The civilian labor rose by 15,000 during the month of May, reaching a record high of 6,541,000 while resident labor declined by 2,000, contributing to the increase of unemployment by 17,000.

Total nonfarm jobs decreased 10,200 to 5,871,000 and overall seven of the eleven supersectors declined. The largest decrease was observed in information, with a drop of 4,500, which has been largely attributed to the strike at Verizon and the largest increase was observed in education and health services, with a gain of 3,400, its highest point on record.

From May of last year, the unemployment rate was 5.2 percent, pointing to a net .3 percent increase in unemployment from last year, although the rate fluctuated in both directions over the course of the year.   

2 Responses

  1. Actual unemployment 20+. Black Youth unemployment reaches nearly 60%. Obama has don nothing for black America. Last months jobs report, 38,000 jobs created in the whole nation! Pathetic economy under Democrat rule. Meanwhile Obama has doubled the national debt to $20 trillion [20+9 zeros!]. Real wages are less than they were 18 years ago. Clinton has no capability to energize the economy except to tax the heck out of you and borrow trillions more! If you really care about your future and your children’s future you will vote for Trump. He’s our only choice to get this country back on track. Govern yourself accordingly.

  2. How about all those rich Republicans bragging about how they are the “job creators”? More like job destroyers as they invest in overseas businesses and outsource their work to 3rd world countries, thereby, denying an opportunity for American workers a chance to compete! This state is no destination for businesses looking to expand and grow anyway. High taxes, red tape and regulations and a lousy state political climate all make for Pennsylvania a “no go zone” for any business or corporation in their right mind. It will only get worse. Stay tuned!

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