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Maybe “Radical Kathy” Isn’t?

The NRCC has gone after Dem Kathy Boockvar for being radical, but it seems they are going against some of their own teachings. Many of the policies they slam are supported by most of the district's constituents.

Apparently not.

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s own communications show that the party doesn’t think “Radical Kathy” Boockvar is all that radical after all.

Last week, PoliticsPA reported the launch of NRCC’s “Radical Kathy” Tumblr account, which portrays Boockvar as a radical leftist lawyer who supports costly programs like President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act.

NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsey accompanied the launch of the Tumblr account with a statement criticizing Boockvar’s leftist background.

“Boockvar’s troubling past makes her unfit to represent the people of Bucks County,” Lindsey said.

“With Washington Democrats’ big-government takeover of health care and reckless spending sprees that hamper economic recovery, Pennsylvania families don’t want a radical activist with a partisan agenda representing them in Congress.”

But on Friday, Thomas Fitzgerald of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that, a website managed by the NRCC and used to communicate information about opponents, called PA-8 “an independent, pragmatic district. Sincere testimonials work well when delivering attacks. Obama and Obamacare are viewed favorably here.”

It’s a strange paradox to suggest that Boockvar is too radical for the very ideas and policies she promotes that are readily accepted by many within the district.

But NRCC spokesman Nat Sillin said that the website isn’t about Obamacare and whether the district’s voters approve of it – but, rather, it is about Boockvar’s history and what she has done throughout her career.

“The more voters in Eastern Pennsylvania learn about Kathy Boockvar’s background as a left-wing activist lawyer, the more they will reject her candidacy. Our campaign to hold Boockvar accountable is about her record as a radical activist. From supporting the defunct group ACORN, to helping felons register to vote, Boockvar is not just outside the mainstream of her district, she’s outside the mainstream of her own party.”

With the launch of the “Radical Kathy” website last, it appears that incumbent Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Bucks) and the NRCC may be beginning to worry that PA-8 could change hands (and parties) in the upcoming congressional elections.

PoliticsPA recently labeled the 8th district as the second most vulnerable in the state.

And if the discrepancy between Lindsey’s statements and the analysis on are any indication, it seems Republicans are having difficulty firing precise shots at Boockvar’s campaign, who has posted formidable fundraising numbers thus far.

29 Responses

    I am not embarrassed over the fund raiser at the raven….once again telling me what I think. I think it was just fine…lots of money up there…and thats what it is about.. I am not the homophobe here…the homophobes are the critics of that fund raiser.

  2. Sean..
    No, I would not be outside the TattleTales protesting.
    I do not get exorcised over petty crap.
    Money is needed…they go where it is…and that does not bother me…its how it is used to perpetrate lies that bothers me.
    And now that you have called me a hypocrite…SHOW ME MY WORDS TO PROVE IT.

  3. Kathy Boockvar held a fundraiser at The raven in New Hope.

    If Mike Fitzpatrick held a fundraiser at Tattle Tales in Levittown, wouldn’t Susan be outside protesting…. She is a hypocrite and proves it everytime she opens her mouth.

  4. Hey, “Choom Gang” was Obama’s own name for his group of (mostly white) pot smoking buddies in Hawaii. Don’t blame me.

    It’s satire. I didn’t say it was good satire, but then again neither is SNL, and how many people actually think Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house. Pretending you’re a famous person and then saying stupid things as that famous person is satire, you humorless pill.

    If you’re embarrassed about what Kookvar did at The Raven, why is that my problem? Who is the homophobe in that scenario? Not me.

  5. Satire is Saturday Night Live. Radical Kathy is not Saturday Night Live.
    And if falkevitz thinks getting mentioned in a local blog is going viral then that is good for a laugh.
    If it was true satire it would still be on the page..the sexually explicit and racist crap has been deleted. But not forgotten. The page will die just like his other page has died. . He calls for opponents to refute him. Then he blocks them. People really do get tired of reading monologues to which they cannot rely and talking to the choir gets very old. And the choir gets bored.

  6. To ryan…

    Do you opposed the Innocence Project also?

    Not all convicted felons are guilty…or rapists…or sex fiends.. …or child molesters…some of them are men wearing Armani suits.. .but they can afford good attorneys..the rest need public defenders…and that is an Constitutional right.

  7. To Steven..
    Trying to cover up Falkevitz disgusting piece of crap will not work. It was not satire.
    It was fraud.
    Boockvar had a fund raiser there.. so what?
    If you all weren’t such homophobes and malcontents it would not matter. Why should you care what went on there…? Why is it so important to you?
    What was written was a sexually explicit piece of crap that looked as if Boockvar said it. It was intended that way. That is not satire…it is fraud. Your reference to the president as Choom Gang defines you…as I suspected. A homophobe and a racist.
    As for plagiarizing….you are still picking fly shit out of pepper.

  8. Sorry National Republican committee but you just lots any donations to the RNC as well as to Congressman Fitzpatrick!
    Mr Fitzpatrick has helped me quite a bit with issues regarding my children’s social security and his staff have bent over backward to help me after the passing of my wife. But if this is the way the RNC feels it hast to play then I am not supporting the RNC or Congressman Fitzpatrick!

    This is truly slimy politics at it’s worst!

    Also the BS with the above “This is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.” is a load of crap, since this page was set up by NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsey! the same time the Radical Kathy Tumblr account was launched!

  9. Kathy Boockvar has made a career defending and fighting for convicted felons. She didn’t represent them when they were accused; rather she went to them after they were convicted. She or her husband Jordan Yeager has been key players in every radical leftwing action in the state of PA.
    As of right now the leading opponent of the number 1 job producing industry in PA. Never mind the fact that there is no hydraulic fracturing in Bucks County. There radicalism has been established with their records as attorney’s in their law firm Boockvar and Yeager, where Kathy was the managing partner.

  10. Hey – there’s Politifact’s 2011 Lie of the Year!

    The only one destroying Medicare is President Choom Gang, who stole $712 billion from funds to pay doctors and hospitals to fund his unpopular disasterous Obamacare tax hike scheme.

  11. @Steven. Did Fitzpatrick votes multiple times to destroy medicare? to redefine rape? to cut veterans benefits? crony capitalism?

  12. So you won’t plagiarize again. Got it.

    Did she have a fundraiser at The Raven where a deep throat contest was held? If so, I’ve got no problem with presenting that information in a humorous way. It’s called satire. If you had a sense of humor, you’d recognize it.

    If she didn’t have such a fundraiser, then I don’t approve of implying that she did have such a fundraiser.

    So the question remains, did she or didn’t she?

  13. Steven..

    I am still waiting for your comment on the republican operative writing on face book under Boockvars name making offensive and sexually explicit comments as if she made them. Will I wait much longer?

  14. To Steven….
    I don’t use quotes much except from the constitution…which gets credited. If I take an excerpt from a news story I provide the link which is the credit. Get it now?
    I checked a few sites for a good definition of “radical”…an adjective that can describe extremes at either end…whether you support a radical idea or not depends on which end you are on. When I read the Saul Aulinkski quote I liked it, and I will use it again. And it will have credits.

  15. To Steven…
    I just saw your other comment on phillyburbs. To answer…no I don’t plagerize…I copy and paste…and always give credit. In this instance I was livid…and in a hurry. Yes it is from Saul Alinkski and it is quite true.
    Nothing good in this country came from those who hide behind the curtains and hold someone elses coat.
    Our founders were radicals, many women were radicals, we are a great country thanks to the radicals. It is juvenile to try and demonize the adjective radical. Extremes on ether end can do good or harm…in the world of politics it is in the eye of the beholder whether one is attempting good or harm. I believe standing up for the down trodden, the minorities, those who have voters rights restored, women who are trying to get healthy and get their kids back are all worthy of our support.
    The right wing is not opposed to using Saul Alinkski methods, they just don’t want to admit it.

  16. Can Kathy just quit talking about social issues? The woman comes off as a female left-wing version of Santorum. She sees a social issue and cannot resist just like Santorum.

  17. Maybe if Fitz spent less time boozing and his daughter wasn’t getting her birth control at planned parenthood while Fitz flopper was attempting to abolish its funding, he wouldn’t be such a creep. The only one to radical for the district is Fitzpatrick’s drunk and stumbling butt.

  18. I am talking to you, and I’m referring to the passage from Saul Alinsky’s “Reveille for Radicals” that you posted three times yesterday on Philly Burbs as if you had written it without quotes or attribution.

  19. The Tea Party’s baseless attacks on Kathy are starting to crack and Fitzpatrick’s hold on PA-8 is slipping as we speak. People are starting to realize the Fitzpatrick wants to destroy Medicare and shift undue costs on this districts seniors

  20. The following is a sample of what is being written on the “Radical Kathy” face book page. It rises to the level of fraud and identity theft.

    “I am just happy that the Bucks County courier Times and the Intelligencer didn’t take photos during my fundraiser at “The Raven” in New Hope. I got a little crazy when the male strippers and drag queens had their “deep throat” contest.
    Vote for me, I have no gag reflex.”

  21. The Radical Kathy website has inspired a Radical Kathy face book page which claims it will “post her record”. It goes beyond that by posting comments designed to appear they came from her. It is dishonest and misleading. I believe from reading the comments they were written by Mike Falkevitz. There is something slimy about anonymous attacks and worse using someones identity to make comments in an attempt to inflame the readers.

  22. Tom Fitzgerald is as liberal as they come. Of course he wouldn’t think she is radical. And how about an analysis of her charge that Fitzpatrick is “tea-party radical”?

  23. Steven,

    I just realized the website is “” The mistake is on my part and I apologize.

  24. There’s no such thing as

    If Obamacare is so popular around here, care to explain where its head cheerleader Patrick Murphy went?

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