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MCall Poll: Kane Leads AG Race by 6

Freed, left, and Kane

The race for Pa. Attorney General is wide open, according to a new poll from the Allentown Morning Call and Muhlenberg College. Kathleen Kane, the Democrat, leads Republican Dave Freed 33 percent to 27.

38 percent were still undecided in today’s poll.

That’s narrower than the most recent public polling of the race from the Philadelphia Inquirer, which showed Kane with a 40 percent to 29 lead one month ago. A Public Policy Polling survey in late July showed Kane ahead 41 percent to 34. In internal poll that was conducted in mid-September and released by the Pa. Republican Party showed Kane leading Freed 40 percent to 35.

However, Kane’s lead expands to 9 points, 44 to 35 percent, when voters who said they lean toward one candidate or the other are included in the totals.

She won a high profile primary in April and, at least in part because of her resulting name ID advantage, has held a consistent polling lead since

Kane is looking to make history on two fronts. Republicans have held the AG’s office since it became an elected position in 1980, and neither party has ever nominated a woman.

The pollster surveyed 427 likely voters from Sept. 22-26. The margin of error is plus or minus 5 percent.

9 Responses

  1. In last six months, I happened to meet Freed. A nice and very sincere person. Don’t come accross as a politician. Got very good vibrations about him. On the other hand Kane seems to be more of a politician and if elected will run AG’s office aa a political tool. At this point I prefer Freed over Kane.

  2. The opinions expressed by Democrats certainly confirms the goal of teachers’ unions to dumb-down our society has been achieved.
    Far too many uninformed voters fail to realize they are quickly becoming a clone of the aberrant protagonists on the reality shows they watch on a daily basis.

  3. Jack-

    We’ll wave farewell when Freeds father-in-law is thrown in the slammer. And farewell after tom corbett has to answer for Penn state and how he put his political ambitions first and the kids were an after thought.

  4. Publius: I think Asher will pull cut the ties first. Corbett’s numbers are killing Freed who can’t even appear in public with him. Asher trying to put distance between a Freed loss and Corbett since Asher owns Corbett as is well-known. A push for Freed now would have the same result as the push for Welsh in the Senate primary. Corbett will show how weak he is politically which, in turn, will show how weak Asher is. The GOP has alloed itself to be led around by its nose by Asher and this is the result at the state level.

  5. Freed cut the margin? Really? It went from 11 to 9 because the master behind the curtain ran 500,000 of false negative attack ads. According to the GOPs poll… and this she gained a point.

  6. Freed needs to jettison the Corbett/Asher team or he is doomed. Lots of buyer’s remorse (8 years worth) over Corbett and it is going to be taken out on Freed.

  7. Well well well, seems the slanderous lies peddled by David Freed and his allies have finally come back to bite them. I am glad to see Kane is not only winning, but she is expanding her lead.

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