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MCall Poll: Obama 49, Romney 42

The latest poll from the Allentown Morning Call and Muhlenberg College shows a presidential race that’s 2 points closer than their survey from 2 days ago.

President Obama leads Mitt Romney 49 percent to 42 among likely voters.

47 percent of Pa. voters approve Obama’s job performance, and 49 percent like him personally. 39 percent like Romney.


The poll’s sample size and methodology have not yet been announced; the paper will do so in its print edition over the weekend. PoliticsPA will update this post when that information becomes available.


The pollster surveyed 427 likely voters from Sept. 22-26. The margin of error is plus or minus 5 percent.

Obama leads Romney by an average of 8.3 percent according to Real Clear Politics.

3 Responses

  1. Kevin, you are right on target. A Mitt Romney victory will not only purge this current totally corrupt administration from office it will, also, simultaneously signal the demise of a complicit mainstream media. “Kill two birds with one stone” will be the result of each vote cast for Romney/Ryan.

  2. Honest Mitt: You are no independent. You are a liar. If you truly were telling the truth then you would have put your actual name. Mitt Romney will not only take PA, he will win this election. The Republican Party is no more divided than the Democrat Party back in 2008. In fact, the Republican Party is LESS divided than the Democrat Party from 2008 when your beloved Obama was elected. Of course, you probably won’t see this response since you are out with your socialist buddies working to re-elect our socialist president. I want to save our country. I want to help people get back to work. I want to stop the foreclosures that happen way too often. I want to help our economy grow rapidly, and I want to drill for oil, mine for coal, cut red tape so that we can promote the building of new refineries, and also use nuclear energy and yes, even wind and solar. Obama said that he was for all of this, but all he has done is put in place regulations and red tape that closes coal mines, stops oil drilling and exploration, and causes our electric and gas prices to soar. He is killing our economy and destroying our country. Notice that I said our. Yes, your beloved president is killing my country AND your country. So, the next time you post, use your name and be honest. And when Mitt Romney wins in November, let me know if you need tissues to wipe away the tears from your face.

  3. This election is over. The fat lady is singing. Mitt is way too far behind to catch up. He is going to be destroyed even worse than McCain and Palin. Mitt only cares about himself and his billionaire buddies. The Republican Party is just too devisive now both socially and economically. I am a Independent who voted for Reagan twice, HW Bush once, Ross Perot once, Clinton once, W Bush once, Kerry then Obama and Obama again this time. Compassionate Conservatism is gone and has been replaced with the far right extremist nut jobs that hate their fellow Americans. Democrats are a long way from perfect but they are so much better than the current GOP.

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