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McCaffery Announces for AG

By Natalka Karaman, Contributing Writer

A long time coming, Daniel McCaffery has officially announced his candidacy for Attorney General. He indicated in an email in June that he was planning on launching his bid soon, and last night he pulled the trigger.

“I am running for Attorney General because I know what I’m doing. I have spent every day of the last twenty years in a courtroom; I’ve never backed down from a fight and never will,” McCaffery said in a statement.

He’s been on the trail unofficially for several months already, visiting with party leaders and grassroots activists across the state.

McCaffery is a former Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia and Army Cavalry veteran. He ran for Philadelphia District Attorney in 2009, when he lost the primary to Seth Williams. He is currently a partner in the firm Friedman, Schuman, Applebaum, Nemeroff and McCaffery. McCaffery has the support (but not the endorsement) of Philadelphia Democratic chairman, U.S. Rep Bob Brady. He is also the brother of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery.

He joins former Lackawanna County prosecutor Kathleen Kane and former Congressman Patrick Murphy in the Democratic primary. Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala is another rumored candidate.

If the field stays set, it’s good news for Kane. McCaffery and Murphy share the same southeastern PA base.

On the Republican side, PA Sen. John Rafferty (R-Montgomery) is emerging as the front runner. Cumberland County District Attorney Dave Freed is also leaning toward a bid. Current AG Linda Kelly, who was appointed to complete Tom Corbett’s second term, has said she will not run for the office next year.

The GOP has held the office ever since it became an elected position in 1980.

If the Democrats want to win in 2012, according to McCaffery, they have to be mindful of qualifications and run candidates who are “competent and who can do a quality job.” McCaffery said his prosecutorial experience would give him the type of crossover appeal necessary for a Democrat to win.

Here is the full press release:

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania – Daniel McCaffery announced his candidacy last night for the Office of Attorney General of Pennsylvania. A former Assistant District Attorney and Army Cavalry veteran, McCaffery brings over twenty-years of court-room experience to this office along with the courage necessary to enact real reform in Pennsylvania.

“I am running for Attorney General because I know what I’m doing. I have spent every day of the last twenty years in a courtroom; I’ve never backed down from a fight and never will,” said McCaffery.

“Over the last five years, we’ve witnessed a financial meltdown as a result of fraud and greed by Wall street. Millions of families have lost their life savings. These are good hardworking men and women, Pennsylvania families, American families who have lost their life savings, retirements, pensions and their homes. No one is standing up for them.”

“As Attorney General, I will create the most aggressive law enforcement agency in the nation, hold these offenders accountable, and bring them to justice… This is about protecting Pennsylvanian Families from financial crimes and rooting out fraud against taxpayers, Political corruption is rampant and white collar crime goes unpunished,” said McCaffery.

9 Responses

  1. The field is ok at best. No one has a career in law enforcement and R’s will destroy them. D’s best chance is Zappala by far. Murphy is second because he works hard and has star power. Dan has some marketing ability with Seamus, and comes out of the Philly DA’s office. Kane’s resume is the same as any average assistant district attorney, only given a shot because she happened to marry into a wealthy family, that’s it. She does kinda look like Michelle Bachmann though, and that does it for some people…

  2. I agree! Zappala would be an excellent addition. If he doesn’t run I am going for McCaffery. Kane is a super candidate too and like Dan tremendously qualified. Murphy is the junior pick, popular for his work on DADT but that’s pretty much irrelevant for the attorney generals race. Good field!

  3. If Zappala enters this race it is a whole new ball game. Murphy and McCaffery split Philly (heavy favorable to Murphy) Zappala dominates the west. Kane might get some votes for being a women, but she is irrelevant.

  4. If Seamus is making calls then he (and Dan) should be investigated by the AG’s office. Wow! This will never happen in PA. We are all screwed.

  5. McCaffery and Kane are both qualified. But why is Patrick Murphy running??? Shouldn’t you actually practice law before running for AG? Just a thought . . .

  6. Dan,
    Please do not believe you have the support of all of the attorney’s your brother has personally called. Opps, I guess he is not suppose to be doing that as a sitting judge, but ironically you are running for the Chief Law Enforcement officer of the state. Who cares if you have to break the law to get there. Many of us are paying him lip service.
    You couldn’t win in Philly, what makes you think you can win statewide?

  7. FYI, Dan McCaffery is an Army CAVALRY veteran. Words have very specific meanings. CAVALRY and CALVARY are two very, very different words. The Army CAVALRY denotes a mobilized military unit. CALVARY, on the other hand, is the hill outside Jerusalem where the Romans crucified Jesus.

  8. So we have two qualified veterans (Murphy and McCaffery) and just because Kane (never heard of her) is a women she is in the race?? Hell, I am going to enter this race!

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