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McCord Gets the Philly Mag Treatment

McCord. Photo source: Philly Mag

If you want to look into a politician’s soul, a long form Philadelphia Magazine story is about as close as you can get. This month, they profile State Treasurer and prospective 2014 gubernatorial candidate Rob McCord.

The article is a good look at McCord’s background and his process for deciding whether to run, and you should read the entire piece.

Here are two interesting paragraphs.

McCord, though, is a thoroughly modern politician. He’s run a think tank and a series of investment funds. He’s considered a critical early leader in the development of the region’s tech industry. He has an African-American wife. And he entered politics late in life, mea­ning he has ascended without the benefit—or b­aggage—of a machine to call his own.

McCord predictably demurs when I ask if he’ll run for governor, but he doesn’t deny that he’s seriously considering the possibility. If he thinks he can win, he’ll run. But his political prospects are far too promising to throw away on a long-shot bid. “I’m very aware that two years is an eternity,” he says, “so I’m not one of these people who say, ‘Put a fork in Governor Corbett, he’s done.’”

13 Responses

  1. SWPAnnA, thanks for the info. I was wondering why the Dems LOVED McCord so much. Now I know, he fundraises and spreads the money around which means he is a good Democrat. That will get him clout! But won’t win him an election. He needs to get better at campaigning. McCord will have to make a ton of appearances. That is not his cup of tea.

    But his money will buy him influence and that is why all the “insiders” are getting behind him.

  2. McCord is a fundraiser of substance who is amenable to “spreading the wealth” among fellow Democratic candidates. That buys him at least as much clout as a readily-identified face. Wasn’t Obama the choice because he was a fresh unknown in 2008?

  3. Jeremy makes a valid point. I am a political junkie, and a (fairly) faithful Dem. This is the very first pic of McCord I have ever seen, and I could still probably not pick him out of a line up. If he’s handgun’ out with the politically active or connected in southcentral, I’m not aware of it.

  4. So before you claim someone is clueless you need to do the math for yourself. First, 2010 was a “wave” election for the Republicans. Reps rode the “TEA PARTY WAVE”. Second if you look at Philadelphia county and compare the last two gov races to the last two presidential races, the people who voted for the Dem candidate for gov was 38% less than the president. The Reps had a drop of 44% in the same period. So not only do the Dems not show up in non-Presidential elections but also the Reps and to a larger extent. Dem – 38% decline while Reps – 44% delcine in Philadelphia county.


  5. A Republican will emerge and take Corbett on in a primary. That is the only way the GOP has any shot at winning in ’14.

  6. Jeremy…you should fully disclose that you and many others who are writing the obituary for the GOP are clueless. Just two short years ago Republicans won for Governor, US Senate, and overwhelmingly carried PA’s Congressional and State House seats. The only problem for Republicans is trying to overcome 450,000 vote magins out of Philly in Presidential year elections. The other three non-Presidential year elections have and will continue to be pro to lean GOP in PA. Do your homework so you don’t come off so clueless.

  7. the next governor will come out of philly.once the new attorney general and auditor general are done with corbett he wont have a far as mcord goes he is lucky he won against a unknown.his numbers were not good enough to run for governor.ed rendell and bill clinton will pick someone to unseat corbett easily.

  8. David, what crime would Corbett go to jail for committing? Gullible know-nothings like you bought Kathleen Kane’s sales pitch about an investigation into the handling of the Sandusky case. But here’s the thing: not only is there no evidence that Corbett slow-walked the prosecution for political reasons, but even if he had — there is no crime that applies. He had prosecutorial discretion. So for all of Kane’s grandstanding about her “investigation” (and she will have to do more of it to appear that she’s carrying through), there can be no prosecution of Corbett for any crime.

  9. Central PA Repub…. I disagree. Did you see the elections for the row offices? Republicans got trounced. Republicans have a problem statewide. The problem is that you live in Central PA where the majority is Republicans. Look at SEPA with the majority is Dems! In fact, there is enough Dems in SEPA to carry the state. Even Philly moderate Republicans think Tea Party Tom is too extreme.

  10. With the exception of Casey and McCord, every other Dem will get crushed by Corbett. I think both are going to wait until 2018 even though Corbett is beatable now. Then, those two will decide who will be senator and who will be governor. And the cycle lives on.

  11. McCord is no star. I think people are desparate to get rid of Corbett so they are putting their faith in anyone.

    McCord just ran for Treasurer and I didn’t hear anything about him. 9 out of 10 people couldn’t identify him in a lineup.

    He will have to become an awesome campaigner in the next two years and I don’t think “the great campaigner” is in his DNA.

  12. I think a lot of people want to put a fork in Corbett, regardless of whether or not he’s “done”. Probably a couple of knives too.

    But, mostly, they’d probably like to put a jail cell around him for his role in Sandusky cover-up.

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