McCord Has a New Spox and $1.4M on Hand

Rob McCord

Treasurer Rob McCord has a new spokesperson and more than $1.4 million in campaign cash on hand, both signs that he’s got his eyes on the Governor’s office for 2014.

He’s hinted at a challenge to Tom Corbett.

According to a campaign finance report obtained by PoliticsPA, with all of the bills paid for his Treasurer re-election McCord would start the cycle with $1.44 million. It’s a wide advantage over other candidates and prospective candidates including former Department of Environmental Protection John Hanger.

Corbett has at least $2.05 million on hand (the amount he reported at the end of 2011).

McCord is making moves on the official side, too. Today the Treasury Department announced the addition of Gary Tuma as communications director. Tuma is a seasoned politico (ideal for an agency whose head is running for office). He served as Ed Rendell’s spokesman during the latter part of the former Guv’s tenure.

Prior to that, he spoke on behalf of Sen. Vince Fumo and the Dems on the Pa. Senate Appropriations Committee. He began his career in state politics as a reporter. He spent 12 years at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

He’s replacing Michael Smith who transitioned to Deputy Chief of Staff at Treasury.

But making both moves on the weekend of Pa. Society – hiring a new spox and making available fundraising numbers before they’re posted on the Department of State website – suggest that he’s hoping to make a splash in New York City.

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  1. @Rob… Finally someone who makes sense on Ally. Also, Shapiro for Senate 2016 seems questionable… his election is 2015, meaning he would have to begin a Senate race the day after election… the primary would be in April, and we all know PA Dems have contested primaries. In reality, he would have to start a Senate campaign in spring 2015 or earlier. He would need a huge head start to fundraise because he has no name recognition nationally, Toomey is going to get every business, Tea Party, and values donor on his side, and Senate races are extremely expensive.

  2. Bruce Castor will challenge Corbett in a primary. His entry will keep others out and the primary will become a referendum on Corbett from within the party. The Sandusky case will, fairly or unfairly, blow up in Corbett’s face and have a major impact on the primary and a general if Corbett again defeats Castor. I agree with the analysis of “Rob” above on the D side. If I had to bet, I would say Corbett will not survive. I think he loses the General election for sure and might even lose in the primary. In fact, I don’t think the Republicans will win regardless. I just think Castor is their better bet, but still probably a loser in the fall.

  3. How does a guy like McCord have so much money but our state, which he should be overseeing has none?

    So you can manage your finances but not the states?

    And guess what obama won’t be there to steal this election for the democrats, you’ll actually have to run this time!

  4. I hope Democrats will consider Josh Shapiro… great guy… great leadership abilities and has a personality!

  5. only problem with Joe Sestak that he only be a congressman he never been a Harrisburg inside well at least a Harrisburg outsider

  6. I’m becoming less convinced that Sestak will run for Gov.

    1) He doesn’t live in the state and his actual Virginia residency would be more of an issue in a state race than federal (and he’s burned enough bridges to be attacked on it, even by the State Party itself).

    2) Look to see if he even bothers to show up PA Society this year.

    3) No sane person wants him as governor.

  7. Treasurer McCord will be the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for Governor in 2014. He starts the cycle with a decent amount of cash on-hand, higher statewide name ID than other serious candidates, has had a good run as Treasurer, and has a command of state government issues.

    Senator Bob Casey will not run for Governor in 2014. His 2012 re-elect forced him to spend too much of his campaign account and would require him to begin campaign within 6 months of re-election.

    Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz will not run for Governor in 2014. She has a good position in the House Democratic Caucus, and she only will run for U.S. Senate if she runs statewide.

    Former Congressman Joe Sestak definitely will run for Governor in 2014. He has been traveling to various events (usually meeting with Democrats) throughout Pennsylvania since losing to Senator Pat Toomey in 2012. He is liked by the more liberal Democrats, but he has no experience or knowledge when it comes to state issues (opposing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan won’t help in a 2014 primary for governor).

    John Hanger is third-tier candidate. He has no statewide name ID, can’t raise $, is not a charismatic campaigner (either in front of large groups or individually), and is a one-trick pony who knows about nothing but energy and environmental issues. He has virtually no chance of winning the Democratic nomination.

    Tom Wolf is a very nice guy and is very wealthy. However, nobody knows him and he never has run for office before.

    Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro won’t run for Governor in 2014. He would like to run statewide, preferably for U.S. Senate though he wouldn’t challenge an incumbent unless Sen. Toomey look incredibly vulnerable in 2016. He faces re-election as County Commissioner in 2015, and would think about running for Governor or US Senate after that.

    Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski has no statewide name ID and can’t raise money.

    The Democratic nomination for governor in 2014 is McCord’s to lose.

  8. I’m glad to see this race is starting. Smart move hiring Gary “It’s not a” Tuma.

    Did Hanger hire anyone yet?

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