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McCord Seeks PA Dems’ Mantle of Leadership (With Video)

By Christina Gongaware, Contributing Writer

There’s no doubt that Ed Rendell has left a leadership vacuum among Pennsylvania Democrats. Although Senator Casey is the senior statewide elected Democrat, few would describe him as a partisan warrior. Now, it looks like Treasurer Rob McCord is hoping to fill the void.

Treasurer McCord attempted to rally his democratic counterparts in a passionate and partisan speech last Friday evening the state committee meeting, declaring, “This is our time… We will be back [in 2012] if we fight together.”

McCord is rumored to be looking at a run for governor in 2014, and seems to be looking to assume a leadership role with Ed Rendell now absent.

He began by listing his accomplishments in office as he announced that he had cut expenses by 16%, increased productivity by 25%, and turned around the 70%-funded Tuition Account Plan into a 96%-funded program. McCord also pointed out his wise investment decisions for the state and announced, “I am now your billion dollar boy.”

McCord also claimed that his office was acting as the fiscal watchdog on Governor Corbett with Auditor General Jack Wagner, saying, “We are giving him hell and making a big difference.”

The speech turned more political as McCord discussed two values that he believes Democrats share. First, he said that government can make a positive difference. He followed by stating, “There are two slogans that you have heard — Both are lies; the public sector can’t create jobs, and there’s no such thing as investing in the public sector.” He pointed to constructive involvement as the springboard for such entities as the pharmaceutical industry and the Internet and encouraged its role in state finances.

He ended by assuring his audience that that the steps that democrats have taken have helped to create jobs. However, he pointedly remarked that,  “What we are about to see is republicans claiming they are helping to create the jobs that we have helped create.”

Keegan Gibson contributed to this report.

7 Responses

  1. You go Rob! It is exciting that we have a state wide office holder that wants to build the Party so we can better serve people in the future!

  2. McCord’s not an idiot. Or a martyr. Running for governor in 2018? Possibly. Running in 2014? No way.

  3. I agree that Sestek does not have a chance to be Governor. If McCord’s runs, he would be the nominee and Dan Onorato for Auditor General.

  4. Democrats would have a much better chance in getting back the Governor’s seat in 2014 with McCord as the nominee rather than Sestak.

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