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McCord Unsubtly Positions for Guv Announcement

McCord Logos
The Original and New Rob McCord Logos

Rob McCord is running for Governor. Everyone knows it; it’s the worst kept secret in Pennsylvania Democratic politics. Deliberately so.

He made it very clear in June when he formed the campaign committee “McCord for Governor.”

He’s made it abundantly clear at every summer picnic and pancake breakfast across the state where he’s spoken – and he’s been hitting the road quite a bit.

But the state Treasurer is finally nearing the day when he pulls the trigger and makes it official.

In a message Tuesday to supporters from his Treasurer campaign email list, McCord asks what the perfect future looks like to them.

“For me the future of Pennsylvania is one with economic security for everyone, more jobs, stronger schools, and safer communities. “Can you take a minute to visit my website and tell me what YOU see in our future?” the message asks.

It links to a poll question to readers about what they would like to see in their future. The list reads like a gubernatorial candidate’s would. Possible choices are: good paying jobs; safer, smarter schools; freedom to marry; and more.

Additionally, as Keystone Politics spotted, the website also features a new logo: “Rob McCord for Pennsylvania”. The old logo contained his current title “Rob McCord Pennsylvania Treasurer”.

And his website no longer says it was paid for or authorized by a Treasurer committee. It says “Paid for and Authorized by McCord Committee”.

Monday is Labor Day. And Tuesday marks the first day of the fall campaign season for 2014 candidates.

Expect to hear a definitive statement from McCord – along with Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski, Philadelphia state Senator Mike Stack and all the other prospective Democrats for Governor – very soon.

11 Responses

  1. I met Rob McCord at a Liberty City Democrats event. He seemed to position himself as a social liberal and fiscal conservative, a bit of a turn off given the extra economic injustice going on in this state. Seems to me he’s positioning himself just another Pepsi Generation Liberal (a la Brett Mandel) who screws over the poor and working class. However, I did prod him on the idea of single payer and he seems supportive.

    The idealist in me says McGinty or Hangar, but I am leaning towards Allyson Schwartz. She may not have had the best record in Congress, but maybe given her past PA Senate tenure, perhaps she could be good for the future of this state.

  2. As a female. I am so sick of hearing people say – we need to vote for a women. We need to vote for people that can run a state. Male or female should not be your reason. And if it is – you’re responsible for the failing of government. Pennslvania is going to hell in a hand basket because we are failing to look at the qualifications. We need a proven business person to lead us out of this mess we are in. I am supporting McCord. He has the qualifications we need. Look past gender. I am a smart voter looking for qualifications.

  3. McGinty is McCord’s best (unintentional) ally to split the female vote, because she’s going to pull more votes away from Schwartz than anyone else.

  4. Nobody has been campaigning like Rob (and hasn’t even announced yet).

    And as sitting Treasurer he already has the statewide connections to win.

  5. I really like Rob McCord but, frankly, having a straight white man as our gubernatorial nominee isn’t going to excite voters. Especially when we have the possibility to make history by electing a woman, either Schwartz or McGinty. McCord is doing a good job as treasurer, and that might be a difficult office for Democrats to keep control of.

  6. To Frank: When one is able to win a statewide campaign, it does not happen because they do not have name recognition. When a person does it twice, then only a fool would discount that candidacy. Tell me which other candidate has mounted a statewide campaign and succeeded.

  7. name recognition = money spent advertising

    More people will know who Rob McCord is by the end of the campaign than currently know who Schwartz is.

  8. Mccord doesnt have name recognition been treasure for 5years and nobody knows him i think its time for a woman governor either schwartz or mcginty will do

  9. Again, not news… This was reported YESTERDAY on, among others.
    It must be nice to just rewrite articles from real political bloggers who break the news.

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