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McCord’s Negative Ad (Watch Video)

Treasurer Rob McCord isn’t taking chances. He’s had an all-out blitz on TV across the state for the past week, and it will continue through the election.

A heroic attempt at finding an unflattering image of Irey Vaughan

The spot above is his negative ad; PoliticsPA brought you his positive spot last week. Both have been running in rotation together.

They were produced by the Campaign Group.

Last week, McCord spent around $300,000 on TV ads in broadcast markets around Pa. This week, he’s staying on some channels but dropping others. He’ll still be on statewide, but he’s dropping back – particularly in the expensive Philadelphia market – according to Federal Communications Commission filings by TV stations.

Here’s the response from Diana Irey Vaughan, McCord’s opponent and a Washington County Commissioner:

“I am disappointed that Rob McCord has decided to resort to desperate tactics to keep his job.  The ad that his campaign released yesterday is misleading and I call on him to remove it from the air immediately.  Making misleading statements may be accepted practice on Wall Street, but not on Main Street.

“On four occasions in 2004, I attempted, in public meetings, to rescind all pay raises for elected County officials.  In the fall of that same year, I penned a memo specifically requesting that pay raises not occur. In 2010 a raise was received by all elected County officials.  I returned my raise of $1,823.52 to the taxpayers.

“Secondly, Washington County has one of the lowest tax rates in Western Pennsylvania.  I delivered seven consecutive balanced budgets with no tax increases.

“I believe that the voters of Pennsylvania want candidates to focus on the issues, not misleading negative attacks.”

7 Responses

  1. Diana Irey Vaughn is very well known in her home county to side with Democrats over Republicans, just like she did in her last election. She ran on a joint ticket with Democrat Larry Maggi and screwed the other Republican who lost by only a handful of votes. Diana was only interested in getting herself elected. If she teamed up with the Republican and not the Democrat, Washington County would be a Republican majority. This time she is again teaming up with Democrat congressional candidate Larry Maggi. That is why the party doesn’t invest in her, because she isn’t a Republican team player and no one wants her in Harrisburg doing what she is known to which is screw over Republicans to advance herself to the next office. Diana is a political opportunist with zero friends in the party because no one trusts her.

  2. Don’t think for a minute Rob McCord is afraid of Irey. He’s just getting some solid name recognition throughout the state. It would look weird to put ads together for the next two years after this election. After he wins this election look for him to be doing interviews across the state talking about his office for even more name recognition. There are two reasons he isn’t spending in Philly 1.) He’s from there so they already know him and 2.) why waste money on expensive air time from a place that easily knows you and you will carry in 2 years. He’s sitting on 2 million dollars already and spending very little. If he’s worried, why hold it?

    Don’t think for a second this isn’t about that. Corbett is damaged goods right now and as seen as highly vulnerable.

    I’m also a person who voted for Corbett 2 years ago, so don’t think I’m some looney Democrat talking up the next in line for my party.

  3. Rob McCord is afraid of what many of us are hoping for, a Republican tsunami. Not likely, but Rob McCord is taking no chances and hopes for ticket splitting.

    If this is the worst one can say of Diana Irey Vaughan, then she is much better person than I would suspect any of us are.

  4. And incumbent Treasurer McCord, what has he done to solve the pension underfunding mess?

    Diana Irey Vaughan’s fundraising demonstrates that the party leadership has abandoned her. She is independent of party leadership and independent of party funders.

    Rob McCord is funded by usual Democratic suspects and is an investor insider. Not independent. Pennsylvania is just starting to come to terms with a $40 billion unfunded pension liability, but lurking in the background is a $17 billion liability for retiree health care.

    Incumbent Treasurer Rob McCord has failed to improve the pension underfunding problem because Rob McCord’s Union base doesn’t want it fixed. The Unions want The Forgotten Taxpayer to fund their pensions without regard to personal consequence to The Forgotten Taxpayer or to the real economy as opposed to the government economy the cost of which is ever escalating.

    Diana Irey Vaughan the ONLY Candidate Who Can, INDEPENDENTLY, address Pennsylvania’s BBillion dollar pension unfunded liability because Diana Irey Vaughan is INDEPENDENT OF BOTH PARTY LEADERSHIP AND THE INVESTOR INSIDE NETWORK and because Diana Irey Vaughan is competent and experienced with a proven record as five times elected Washington County Commissioner and seven budgets without a tax increase. Washington County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state.

  5. “I penned a memo” has to be the lamest attempt at political CYA ever used in a campaign ….ever. Next up, evidence of a strongly worded email Diana once wrote.

  6. Those two bozos have been feeding from the public trough for thirty years – getting fat and happy off our tax dollars. What public office haven’t they run for?

  7. Dont ya just love how both Diana Irey Vaugn and Larry Maggi are trying to pretend they just couldnt do anything to stop giving themselves pay raises each year. Diana you voted for a pay raise, you accepted it every year and you put up these phony resolutions to stop it when you knew your best buddy Larry Maggi would quietly let it die so you two could both keep your snouts in the trough. Shameless politicians.

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