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McCormick Draws Attention, Fire With “Let’s Go Brandon” Ad

If attention was the object, then the David McCormick campaign certainly hit the bullseye with its “Let’s Go Brandon” ad that aired during the Super Bowl.

The 30-second spot – which only ran in the Pittsburgh market – set its mark on highlighting the current problems plaguing the Biden administration, including inflation, rising crime rates and immigration. The kicker – a “Let’s Go Brandon” chant in the background throughout the ad.

The chant has become popular in some circles as an insult against President Joe Biden, after Kelli Stavast, a NBC reporter, interpreted a crowd chanting “F–k Joe Biden” as “Let’s Go Brandon” as she was interviewing winning NASCAR driver Brandon Brown on TV back in October at Talladega (Ala.) Motor Speedway.

Media outlets around the country and the globe have picked up the story, including the Daily Mail, Newsweek, Fox News and Politico.

In terms of guerrilla marketing, the ad has generated over 256,000 views on McCormick’s YouTube channel and 237,000 views on Forbes’ channel. The ad cost $70,000 to run locally on WPXI-TV, the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh.

11 Responses

  1. Wow, this McCormick guy claims he is so intelligent and a real businessman, as well as a Veteran/Patriot. Yet he runs a “Let’s Go Brandon” ad on TV on WPXI, at a time when our current POTUS is going toe to toe with Putin.

    Here is what I gleaned after watching the ad and doing my research…

    #1 McCormick is in the lead in the absolute idiot category, (And imho he is a disgrace to the uniform he once wore),

    #2, This alleged businessman was really good at cutting middle-class jobs and paying his executives big bonuses after doing so.

    #3 WPXI runs a close second to McCormick in the idiot parade.

    #4. Let’s Go McCormick!

  2. McCormick’s voice is irritating. Will cost him votes. In a close race it’ll kill him. He should get a voice coach to try to drop an octave and still sound natural.

      1. No, he was right, and anyone who supports this man and his idiotic ads, is equally idiotic. No longer referrring to Republicans as GOP. GMUI is the name the party will forever be known as after the last 6 years, Gullible morons and useful idiots ought to be the name of your political party, rather than just the reputation of your party. Let’’s go Sean KELLY. That comment has been dumbed down enough that even you can understand it!

  3. How does this ad make life better for Pennsylvanians? It doesn’t. This is all political consultants can come up with? Somebody isn’t getting much for their dollar.

      1. You’re absolutely right. We should have a real President come in and show everyone how to properly flush classified documents down a toilet.

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