McGinty Makes it Official: She’s Running for Gov

Kathleen McGintyAnd then there were five. Former Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Katie McGinty made official her bid for Pa. Governor.

“I’m definitely in. I’ve gone ahead and I’ve secured significant financial commitments to my campaign, the better part of $1 million, and I quit my day job,” she told the Harrisburg Patriot-News in an exclusive interview.

She had been working at Weston Solutions as an executive, overseeing the company’s brownfield redevelopment and other green efforts.

The Patriot-News wrote: “Though pro-business, she’s an environmentalist who supports gay marriage, tighter gun control, embraces Obamacare, and is pro-choice.”

Her entry to the race follows Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz, former Revenue Secretary Tom Wolf, pastor Max Myers, and her successor, former DEP Sec. John Hanger. Pa. Treasurer Rob McCord and state Sen. Mike Stack are also actively campaigning, though neither has declared.

PoliticsPA broke the news that McGinty was considering a bid back in March.

McGinty, 49 and a northeast Philly native, lives in Wayne in Chester County with her husband Karl Hausker (who is listed as the chairman of the exploratory committee). He has a PhD in economics. The couple has three daughters.

A Senate advisor to Al Gore, McGinty rose to become the Chairperson of the Council on Environmental Quality for the Bill Clinton administration from 1995 to 1998. Rendell tapped her as DEP Secretary from 2003 to 2008.

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6 thoughts on “McGinty Makes it Official: She’s Running for Gov”

  1. Adam Karrsen says:

    Advised Al Gore?? That is a negative.

  2. Katie's ties says:

    Quit her day job alright…took a thriving brownfield redevelopment business and ran it into the ground. Resigned her position at Weston after the CEO was forced to resign (three weeks ago) and the Company lays off 1/10th of its workforce (two weeks ago). Nice private sector resume Katie.

    Weston Alumni

  3. sean ryan says:

    Why don’t the press ask all of these pro-choice candidates to comment on Kermit Gosnell and the house of horrors he ran in a poor black neighborhood?

    they asked Romney about that inbred Akins.

  4. Sue says:

    I am another dem in pa who holds these and other liberal positions! You know, an actual democrat!

  5. Baxter G says:

    It’s good to see a strong alternative to Schwartz in the race. McGinty will be the nominee if Sestak does not declare.

    Rob McCord is increasingly falling behind the pack. Wolf has $10mm… Ally is a fundraising machine… and McGinty has $1mm to start. Who will support Rob in this $$ death match? His venture capital friends?

  6. Edmondo says:

    No wonder she’s running! It must be real hard to find another Democrat in Pennsylvania who encapsulates these positions:
    “…she’s an environmentalist who supports gay marriage, tighter gun control, embraces Obamacare, and is pro-choice.”

    Talk about an ego trip. Raise you hand if you think she can reach 5% in the polls by primary day.

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