McGinty Releases Web Video (With Video)

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Katie McGinty released a web ad today calling out Governor Tom Corbett and challenging him to raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania.

“I’m here today to urge the legislature and the governor to act immediately to give hard-working Pennsylvanians a raise,” McGinty says, speaking to the camera from the Philadelphia waterfront. “Why? We know that our economy’s gonna suffer if we’re not paying people. That’s what the data says, that’s what the experts say.”

McGinty points out Camden, New Jersey in the background and cites the state as an example of the success of increasing the minimum wage. On Nov. 5, 2013, the vote to raise minimum wage in New Jersey passed, and it was put into effect on January 1 of this year.

katie web vid min wage“Economists are very clear we won’t see the economy pick up, unless we pay people a decent wage,” McGinty continues. “We know wages have been worse than stagnant, they’ve been falling behind. Governor Corbett, invest in Pennsylvania. Stand up and show you believe Pennsylvanians are the best workers in this country and deserve a raise. Today is the day to act.”

The former PA DEP Secretary supports raising the minimum wage in the state from $7.25 to $9*, plus a cost-of-living adjustment tied to the Consumer Price Index to ensure workers’ wages keep up with inflation.

The last time Pennsylvania raised its minimum wage was in 1996.

Back in September, McGinty was the first Democratic gubernatorial candidate calling for a raise to Pennsylvania’s minimum wage. Last month, she made the promise that as governor, the increase of minimum wage would be the first bill that she pushed.

In vying for the Democratic nomination, McGinty is facing State Treasurer Rob McCord, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, fellow former PA DEP Secretary John Hanger, former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue Tom Wolf, pastor Max Myers and Lebanon County Commissioner Jo Ellen Litz.

*Originally said $10.10

3 Responses

  1. There should be no minimum wage, no social security, no 40 hour week, no maternity leave or any of that. What is necessary is for the constitution to be reamended to allow slavery and indentured servitude. Look, presidents Bush and Obama just spent 24 trillion dollars to rescue the lifestyles of 10,000 billionaires around the globe from their own mistakes. We can’t have this extraordinary salvation go to waste! So, lay down, floppies, lay down.

  2. Raising the minimum wage=more jobs going overseas! Or even better, more cheap labor going to illegals, and that means more income inequality, which then means more calls for more big government destroying the private sector. I now know why Corbett only has a 45%-50% approval rating from the GOP and independent libertarians who voted for him like myself; HE REFUSES TO CHALLENGE THE DEMS AND PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE!!! He is just another loser like McCain, and has been nothing but a Karl Rove lapdog. A backstabbing pig, who because of his softness, this State and Country as a whole will end up with more Marxist pigs like McGinty, Schwartz, or ObaMao.

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