McNeill Passes Away at 70

Dan McNeillState Rep. Dan McNeill (D-Lehigh) passed away today at the age of 70.  

McNeill has been a member of the state House since 2013, and was previously a Whitehall Township Supervisor.  

“You always knew where Dan stood because he wasn’t shy about telling you,” state House Speaker Mike Turzai and Democratic Leader Frank Dermody said in a joint statement according to the Morning Call.  

“All of us in the House appreciated Dan’s plainspoken style, and we respected his devotion to the people he represented.”

McNeill reportedly faced a “serious health challenge” but an official cause of death has not been released. 

“People liked Danny because he sounded like one of them.  I can hear his voice in my head, and he always made me smile,”  state Rep. Mike Schlossberg (D-Lehigh) told the Morning Call.

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    How about showing a small amount of human decency and compassion by not trolling this article in the comments section. Have a little respect.

    1. Isaac L. says:

      Seriously. Thank you!

  2. Deplorable Voter says:

    Guess it’s Donald Trump’s fault? Everything must be his fault?

    1. Barricks Einwohner says:

      Of course not, blame Obama or Clinton.

  3. Zakrey Bissell says:

    I think for the Republicans are probably will get to gain his seat then by having David Molony as their candidate seriously.

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