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McSwain, Mastriano, Barnette Top PLC Straw Polls

It was a Saturday for some candidates to crow about as the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference concluded its two-day event and released its straw polls.

More than 750 conservatives from across 44 of the Commonwealth’s 67 counties attended the event in Camp Hill. Attendees participated in the annual Pennsylvania Straw Poll which covers state and federal issues as well as a pulse of current candidates reflection from the conservative voter base.

Bill McSwain and Doug Mastriano shared top billing in the PLC straw poll for governor. The pair each received 88 votes or 24.2 percent to easily outdistance Dave White who came in at 15.4 percent (56). Charlie Gerow and Lou Barletta were fourth and fifth at 11.3 percent (41) and 9.9 percent, respectively.

Nche Zama (26, 7.1%), Joe Gale (20, 5.5%), Melissa Hart (5, 1.4%) and Jake Corman (4, 1.1%) trailed.

Conservative commentator Kathy Barnette nearly doubled up the competition in the straw poll for the U.S. Senate nomination, receiving 127 votes of the 354 cast or 35.9 percent, while Jeff Bartos was second with 64 votes (18.1%). Carla Sands was third with 52 votes or 14.7 percent, followed by David McCormick (50, 14.1%) and Mehmet Oz (43, 12.1%). George Bochetto and Sean Gale each received nine votes.

The straw poll for lieutenant governor nearly ended in a draw as well. Clarice Schillinger edged Teddy Daniels by a single vote, 61-60,  with each garnering approximately 18.5 percent of the 322 votes cast. Jeff Coleman was a close third at 15.8 percent (55), while Russ Diamond (46, 14.3%), Rick Saccone (35, 10.9%) and Carrie DelRosso (33, 10.2%) also reached double-figure support. Chris Frye (20), James Jones (15) and John Brown (7) rounded out the field.

Other results indicated that the respondents feel that the Pennsylvania Legislature is on the wrong track (60%); that election integrity is the most important issue facing the General Assembly this year (61%); and that three-quarters of the group feel PA should suspend its gas tax.

Nationally, the PLC straw poll showed that 52% of respondents disapprove of the performance in Republicans in Washington.

28 Responses

  1. Is the “straw poll” still the kiosk where staffers can stand and vote more than once? How it was done a few years ago, making it not in the least reliable source of data.

  2. Does anyone else get a big gay vibe from Mastriano and Daniels? They are big tough guys that are always crying about how unfair everything is. Also, when is the last time our military actually won a war? I’m asking for a friend.

    1. Ted Daniels tells us on a daily, even hourly basis that he has a Purple Heart. Acts like he’s the only dude that ever saw combat. Least humble guy to ever serve in the military. Go talk to the guys from Tet, Ted. You’re not Delta. Your ego is an embarrassment.

  3. Why is the egotistical Jake Corman even still in the race. He burned his bridges with his attitude. He has Zero Chance. Barletta gonna win the primary….bank it!

    1. Corman’s ads with his daughters were horrible. But I’ll keep saying it, the most credible Republican candidate that has just enough of a tie to Trump without coming off as a right wing conspiracy psycho is McSwain. And all these Ding Dong Doug cultists can’t even bring themselves to admit that Chris Dush had to step in and clean up his mess.

      1. Who in the world were the advisors who spent donor money for THAT ad with Corman’s daughter? The Pittsburgh group? Disastrous. I’d want my money back. Really disrespectful and frivolous use of campaign money.

    1. signs don’t vote. Mastriano has been running a nonstop Gov campaign for two years. He’ll do well in South Central PA, but that will be it.

    2. Yeah, my central PA friends tell me there a bunch of horsesh!t on the roads from Amish buggies. What’s the diff?

  4. It’s a pyrrhic victory for Clarice. She had 6 staffers plying attendees with booze all weekend. And she nearly lost to Teddy, who was barnstorming the state packing rooms with hundreds of voters. If Teddy had shown up at the final moment with a staffer he would have won.

  5. 75 % of the participants in the Straw Poll support the suspension of the Commonwealth’s gas tax. Talk about sheer lunacy! What would they do about our roads?

    1. GOP does not care about roads. They want to MAGA when people road horses and buggies.

    2. GOP cares deeply about roads. They want to MAGA so people have great roads.

        1. another fake response post to my legitimate post. Someday, PoliticsPA, someday…..

    3. It’s all accounting. Obviously the tax holiday would have to be paid for from another source. The gas tax is extremely regressive.

    1. I admire your bipartisanship and willingness to cross the aisle to vote for candidates and not parties.

    1. Dream on. The reliable Republican poll has the two Trumpers running close and McSwain running behind.

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