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Medical Marijuana Brings Speaker Turzai to Tears

marijuana_leafI guess Mike Turzai just cares too much.

According to Jan Murphy of the Patriot-News, the State House Speaker became so emotional during a debate over medical marijuana that he shed tears.

Apparently, House Majority Leader Dave Reed was trying to convince Turzai to back the legislation during a closed-door meeting of the GOP caucus. Reed pointed to the poll numbers that show a vast majority favor medical marijuana. Turzai, however, was vehemently against such a position.

Murphy reported that one person in the room described it as a “John Boehner-like breakdown”.

Those present said he became so emotional that it even became difficult to understand what the Speaker was saying. He also left after speaking, leaving his colleagues annoyed.

Nevertheless, the Rules Committee voted to send the State Senate’s proposal to the House floor yesterday.

10 Responses

  1. He cried!? LMFAO what a joke. I’m so embarrassed to be represented by this guy. You have ONE job; represent your constituents.

  2. What a joke of a leader. Turzai is exactly what is wrong with this country and Commonwealth in that he is beholden to special interests and no one else.

  3. How about the patients and families crying over not getting the medicine they desperately need? Or the ones crying over their dependency on pain pills and opiods which could be remedied with medical marijuana without the horrible side effects?
    If anyone deserves a good cry its the patients who desperately need the suits to get out of the way of a wonderful and natural pain reliever.

  4. I am a conservative in support of total decriminalization. Medical Mary J’s time has come. Cancer patients and pro athletes and others should be able to manage their pain without opiates or pharmaceuticals. In a time of budget fights not a single police resource should be spent to fight marijuana. It is a waste. Come on Speaker Turzai, live and let live.

  5. Be thankful you have a speaker with feelings, and you Malcolm Kyle, owe an apology to Speaker Turzi! That is what lefties do best character assinations, I pity pathedic creeps like you!

  6. Mike Turzai thinks that is how emotionally feeble a Speaker should be, modelling crybaby Boehner.

  7. Med MJ is a Cryin’ Shame to turd’s eye because there is no bribery money to be made off it! Whaaaaaaah!

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