Meehan Comes Out Against MacArthur Amendment

220px-Pat_Meehan,_Official_Portrait,_112th_CongressCongressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) is has come out against the latest Republican healthcare plan to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  

“The MacArthur amendment does not adequately address the concerns I had with the bill as it stood then, and I will oppose the legislation should it come to the House floor,” Meehan said in a statement.  

The statement was tweeted out by Alex Moe of NBC News.  

The MacArthur amendment is an amendment to the failed American Health Care Act (AHCA) that was introduced as part of the Republican effort to repeal and replace the ACA. The AHCA was pulled from consideration hours before it was to be voted on by the House.

Meehan is standing by his desire to replace the ACA.

“I’m going to keep working to repeal and replace Obamacare with real reforms that make care more affordable and more accessible to Pennsylvania families,” Meehan continued in his statement.  

Meehan is one of four Republicans targeted by national Democrats for 2018, and is the target of an online ad campaign by the DCCC on the MacArthur amendment.

April 27th, 2017 | Posted in Congress, Front Page Stories | 3 Comments

3 thoughts on “Meehan Comes Out Against MacArthur Amendment”

  1. Sean says:

    Thank goodness.

  2. NRA VOTER says:

    Hell yeah, Frank. Let’s kick all those sick bastards off health insurance. Then we healthy people can get it cheaper.

  3. Frank says:

    Shame on you congressman! You’ve turned into a ring like your former boss Arlen. I hope all true conservative runs in 2018.

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