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60+ Advocates for Privatizing Social Security
Springfield, PA, October 12- Continuing to side with the Tea Party while not letting the voters know where he stands on their extreme views, Pat Meehan met today with the 60-Plus Association, a right-wing group which claims to advocate for seniors.
After ducking out of an open forum for Seniors at the Upper Merion Senior Center last week, Meehan showed he is more comfortable meeting with a conservative quasi-senior advocacy group funded by the pharmaceutical industry than senior voters themselves. Meehan has repeatedly refused to take questions from voters in an open, public forums.
This meeting follows the Tea Party’s endorsement of the Republican candidate. Although 60-Plus claims to be non-partisan, it supported Bush’s policies again and again and it honored 190 Republicans and only six Democrats as “Senior-Friendly” Lawmakers. 
60-Plus has a long history of supporting the privatization of Social Security. In fact, the organization sponsored a forum called “Should the System Be Privatized?” where the head of United Seniors Association announced that “Social Security has reached retirement age.” Similarly, the head of 60-Plus and longtime friend of President Bush, Jim Martin called Social Security a “burden” for young workers and “an antiquated relic of a bygone era.”
Though it appears to be concerned with senior issues, 60-Plus has supported a broad range of Republican policies with no direct relation to seniors including drilling in ANWAR, Bush’s faith-based initiatives, and the Bush tax cut and repeal of the estate tax, which directly benefitted the wealthy, not seniors. 60-Plus also fought against campaign finance reform and even condemned John McCain for supporting such legislation.
60-Plus is a member of Citizens for Better Medicare which is a complete misnomer as represents and is funded by the pharmaceutical industry and has continually campaigned against Medicare reform. Jim Martin opposed the Medicare prescription drug plan and instead, 60-Plus ran ads supporting the drug industry-backed plan. 
“Meehan’s meeting with 60-Plus today reinforces his support for the Tea Party,” said Kevin McTigue, Bryan Lentz’s campaign manager. “His refusal to meet with voters throughout the campaign is especially troubling in light of these types of closed-door meetings with right-wing groups and the vast sums of money spent on his behalf by outside groups who don’t have to reveal their donors.”
Bryan Lentz has pledged to protect Social Security from privatization and continues to campaign in public. He has received the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

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