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Meehan Will Not Run for Re-Election

Congressman Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) announced he will not run for re-election this year after allegations he sexually harassed a staffer and paid a settlement out of his office budget.  Meehan’s announcement creates another open Congressional seat in Pennsylvania this year.

“After consultation with my wife, Carolyn, and with my three sons, and after prayerful reflection, I write to inform you that I will not seek re-election to the United States Congress for the Seventh Congressional District in 2018,” Meehan wrote in a letter to his campaign chairman that was obtained by the Inquirer.  

Meehan’s announcement comes less than a week after the New York Times reported that Meehan settled a sexual harassment claim by a staffer using his office budget.  Meehan has since said that he viewed the staffer as a “soul mate” and had a deep “affection” for her.  

The House Ethics committee has also opened an investigation into Meehan’s handling of the claim.  Meehan was formerly a member of the Ethics committee but has since been replaced by Texas Congressman John Ratcliffe.  

The announcement could have ramifications for the state’s Congressional map redraw this year, as Republicans may consider allowing the 7th district to become more of a Democratic seat to sure up other vulnerable southeast Republican seats.  

Meehan’s announcement creates the state’s fifth open Congressional seat.

15 Responses

  1. Rep. Meehan voted against the GOP bill to repeal Obamacare partly to try to please a female aide he saw as his soulmate.

    ht tp://billlawrenceonline.c om/meehan-voted-impress-aide/

  2. I predict The Federal Court will Delay the 2018 Primary . This Redistricting mess will not be settled for a Long Time

  3. Please make Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District is to be more Democratic and Make it is to be More favorable for Dan Muroff is to win in for 2018.

    1. Or Maybe have Former Governor Tom Corbett is to run in this congressional seat in 2018 as well and for he would be the only Republican is to hold this seat by then.

  4. Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers ask US Supreme Court to halt order striking down congressional map

    h ttp://w ww.washingtonexaminer.c om/pennsylvania-gop-lawmakers-ask-us-supreme-court-to-halt-order-striking-down-congressional-map/article/2647118

  5. While this is something, the fact that Meehan continues to double down and defend his actions demonstrate his complete and utter lack of remorse or decency. He should resign.

    1. totally concur; he thinks he can now run out the clock, but he shouldn’t be permitted to skate

      1. It’s always nice when you and I can find some common ground, however rare that might be. Cheers!

  6. PoliticsPA-
    1) The expression is “shore up” not “sure up”.

    2) Republicans don’t really have much of a choice. Any map that would pass muster with PA Supreme Court could not be as gerrymandered as the 2011 version of the district.

    3) The more vulnerable 6th and 8th are gerrymandered as well, so unrigging the 7th might not help that much.

    4) If the GOP makes a bad map, they risk the court producing its own map, so they should just pick a fair map (from the 500 sample maps in the case) and be done with it early.

    Court Watcher-

    Um.. NO. The new map will be less gerrymandered or the courts will strike it down.

    Barricks Einwohner-
    The incumbents that made the maps are state legislators, who are gerrymandered into safe districts themselves. Court needs to fix the state house/senate districts next.

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