Meet George Badey (Video)

The Democrat challenging Rep. Pat Meehan (R-Delaware) released a biographical web video Friday afternoon playing up his Philadelphia roots.

“My father always told me, never forget where you came from. I grew up in a south Philadelphia row house, the son of a union longshoreman. I know what it’s like to work hard and fight for what you believe in,” Badey says in a voice over during a picture slide show.

“I have taken on Big Tobacco, the insurance industry, and pharmaceutical companies. Now I am taking on Pat Meehan,” he said in a press release unveiling the 60-second spot.

An attorney, Badey is also Chair of the Radnor Democratic Committee. He’s most well-noted for his successful leadership of the effort to preserve the annual Mummers Parade in Philadelphia.

He has a tough road ahead in the 7th district race.

When Republicans drew the new congressional map, they gerrymandered the 7th district more than any other in the state. They stretched the fairly compact district into Berks and Lancaster counties. It’s former Cook Partisan Coting Index was D+3. Now it’s R+1.

Meehan, a former U.S. Attorney and Delaware County District Attorney, won election to Congress in 2010. Being a suburban Philadelphia Republican, he was considered a top target for Democrats in the presidential election year of 2012.

However, a combination of Meehan’s prolific fundraising (he has about $1 mil on hand), redistricting, and Dems’ slow pace of recruiting, he’s now a favorite to keep the seat.

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  1. George is a great guy and the real thing – a guy from the neighborhood who made good through smarts and hard work. He’s also the perfect guy to take on somebody like Meehan, a Bush appointee whose got a ton of Republican money but not much else going for him. Given Meehan’s war chest, George has definitely got his work cut out for him, but there are more than a few big-firm lawyers (like Meehan was) walking around who didn’t realize they’d underestimated George until it was too late.

  2. “Pat Meehan is one of the more sensible members of Congress who understands what we have to do to create jobs.” ??? Huh??

    Are there two Pat Meehan’s in congress? The one we have in PA-7 doesn’t know squat about anything.

  3. Badey is pretty well known in the legal community downtown… But there are skeletons in his closet. hey Keegan, what about doing some actual reporting and do a little digging into Badey’s past, rather than reposting low-budget propaganda videos.

    I bet You’ll find a thing or two of interest.

  4. Since when does a amateur sideshow made by a teenager on Windows Movie Maker constitute a news story? Badey is not a serious candidate… He has no campaign office, no campaign staff, and no money. David Landau needed a fall guy — somebody, anybody!! — to avoid the embarrassment of an uncontested race in what he claims is a democratic district.

    I’m sure Badey will get something out of this — maybe the Philly Dem machine will throw some legal work his way when it’s all said and done. But make no mistake — George Badey has absolutely zero expectation of going to Washington next year.

  5. Bragging that you were “born and raised in South Philadelphia” is not the way to win votes Lancaster County!

  6. Listening to that video George Badey should be running against Bob Brady in Philadelphia. He is a job killing plaintiff’s lawyer that is completely out of touch with the suburbs. On the other hand Pat Meehan is one of the more sensible members of Congress who understands what we have to do to create jobs.

  7. Silly Demonrats! Meehan will crush this pot-smoking hippy. His candidacy shouldn’t even be dignified with a debate. Meehan will mop the floor with him, especially with Osama leading the ticket. God Bless you silly demonrats.

  8. agreed! but meehan will probably duck and cover thru the campaign rather than be exposed for the mush-mouthed puppet he displayed at his sole Springfield live aooearance last fall.

    i wonder what the Amish will make of him???

  9. Sue-
    I believe Meehan’s fundamental weakness is one reason that the 7th was so severely gerrymandered. The mapmakers were searching high and low for enough R’s to vote for him despite his voting record and inability to articulate independent thoughts.
    Badey will run circles around him in any honest debate of the issues.

  10. no amount of money can disguise the basic vapidity and rigid adherance to his republican bosses of the freshman hack. he is totally vulnerable to an intelligent, well-spoken opponent

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