Meet Keith Rothfus’s New Team

The beliefs and convictions of a member of Congress are important determinant of his or her votes. But effectiveness? That depends on the staff he or she assembles. Here is the official team of newly-minted Rep. Keith Rothfus (R-Allegheny).

This is the third of three features. You can check out the new staffs of Pa.’s other two freshmen here: Reps. Matt Cartwright (D-Lackawanna) and Scott Perry (R-York).

Armstrong Robinson
Armstrong Robinson

Chief of Staff: Armstrong Robinson
College and Graduate School: The George Washington University and The Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law
Robinson brings extensive policy, constituent service, political and management experience to the team. Robinson previously worked for Representative Geoff Davis [KY-4] where he worked his way up from volunteer to Chief of Staff. His mother was from Pittsburgh.

Legislative Director: Danielle Janowski
Hometown: Grosse Pointe, Michigan
College and Graduate School: University of Michigan and The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management
Janowski moved to Washington, D.C. in 2009 to attend The George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management. She previously served in legislative roles in the offices of former Representatives Thaddeus McCotter [MI-11] and Rick Berg [ND-AL].

Communications Director: Edward Yap
Hometown: Oceanside, New York
College: University of Notre Dame
Yap previously worked for former Representative Nan Hayworth, M.D. [NY-19] and Representative Tom Rooney [FL-17]. Prior to joining Representative Rooney’s office, he served in various roles on political campaigns in Indiana, Michigan, and Virginia.

Executive Assistant: Ana Ellis
Hometown: Ridgewood, New Jersey
College: University of Vermont
Ellis most recently served as a Deputy Regional Political Director at the National Republican Congressional Committee. In her role, she focused on races in the Northeast and on the West Coast and assisted Rothfus in his 2012 victory. Ellis also worked for Representative Paul Gosar [AZ-1] as Executive Assistant. She will serve as the office’s primary point of contact for scheduling.

District Staff

District Director: Jonathan Raso
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
College: Franklin & Marshall College
Raso served as Finance Director for the 2010 Rothfus campaign and was Campaign Manager for his 2012 victory. In the interim, he managed the Pittsburgh office for Senator Pat Toomey, covering economic development for ten counties of Southwest Pennsylvania and much of the new Twelfth District.

Deputy District Director: Allison Beresnyak
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
College: Penn State University
Beresnyak has extensive constituent service and community outreach experience from her time working for Senator Rick Santorum [PA]. She will oversee constituent services and military academy nominations for the office.

District Staff: Ashley Sisca
Hometown: Mars, Pennsylvania
College and Graduate School: Denison University and Duquesne University School of Law
Sisca worked for the Pennsylvania State Senate throughout law school and most recently served as Executive Director of the Westmoreland County Republican Committee.

17 Responses

  1. US House Republicans vote to rein in ethics office.

    What are you doing in D.C. that the party has to hide? I guess the old adage is right, “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely”.

    I hope other things begin to happen like Congress putting a sanction pkg. together for the Presidents Signature to punish Russia for hacking. This is important and would provide a unified front for our country.

  2. Worked with Jason Altmire in the past with MUCH QUICKER answers/results! Rothus and his team is a good example of why our Congress is slow to get anything done. I have been trying to get help/information on Gov backed student loans since 3-2013 and to-date NO answers and only received 1 of 8 promised call backs. I even when to one of his Coffee meetings to speak to him face to face and only received promises that never came to be. We have many productive members in Congress but Rothus and his team is not one of them. I really miss Altimre and his team. Waiting for re-election time.

  3. Your good congressman is engaging in holding the American public hostage. Stock market is crashing, government services are being eliminated. Oh, but wait, you folks don’t need government services, right? So send back your social security checks and opt out of medicare then. This man is a disgrace.

  4. Staff should be judged by the company they keep. In this case, they chose to attach themselves to a bible-thumping, political terrorist and mediocre lawyer named Rothfus. Too bad for them. Because they’ll be needing new jobs by Nov 2014.

  5. Staff should be judged by the company they keep. In this case, they chose to attach themselves to a bible-thumping, political terrorist and mediocre lawyer named Rothfus. Too bad for them. Because they’ll be needing new jobs by Nov 2014.

  6. I went to visit Congressman Rothfus 02/28 in Washington and Congressman Rothfus and his staff couldn’t have been any more helpful to my group that day other than to pass Glass-Steagall that day. Give this man and his staff a chance and I’m sure that they’ll make you proud.

  7. “These comments are written by sore loser Critz campaign staffers or bitter Beaver journalists who couldn’t get their boy elected.”

    I’m neither, but props for defending Rothfus, who is quite possibly one the most clueless members of congress I’ve ever encountered.

  8. Congratulations and Gods guiding hand to Keith and all of his staff. Everyone in the 12th district (including the disappointed and disenchanted) are relying on the you and your team to eliminate the deficit, shrink the debt, eliminate job suffocating regulations and put our senior entitlement programs on a sustainable path. Policies that support 4% GDP growth will facilitate all of those goals. Stay focused and don’t let the “hot button”, media generated issues distract you from your priorities.

  9. These comments are written by sore loser Critz campaign staffers or bitter Beaver journalists who couldn’t get their boy (either of them) elected. Rothfus has an excellent staff and will be a great rep. It will be good to have someone with principles down there who doesn’t try to appease low information voters through increasing entitlements that the government can’t pay for. You won’t find Keith waffling on Fox News, waiting for the votes to be counted before he picks a side. He knows what he stands for and will tell you straight up.

  10. Congratulations to Keith Rothfus, the 12th Congressional District’s elected representative, for opening one district office. Finally.

    I’m so happy Rothfus announced this district office opening via press release or some other way. Oh wait….he didn’t.

    I’m so happy that this office in Ross Township is convenient to the folks in Johnstown, on the other side of the district. Oh wait…it’s not. But who wouldn’t want to drive 156 miles round-trip to get constituent assistance from their congressman?

    I’d offer my opinion about this on Rothfus’ Facebook page, the one he set up as a member of Congress, but he doesn’t have one of those, either. (Just his personal/campaign FB page, where his most recent post congratulates the pro-lifers for marching in DC.)

    I’m sure Keith Rothfus is very, very busy, voting against FEMA aid for the residents of New Jersey, which tops the list of states that pay FAR more in taxes than it gets back in federal dollars.

  11. Looks like a solid DC staff. I hope constituent services don’t suffer from the less than stellar group in the district though. Keith should cruise to victory in this district for years unless he neglects the folks back home.

  12. Congrats PA12 – you elected a Tea Party ***wipe who has hired a crew of like minded staffers. You’ll long for the days of outstnding Altmire / Critz constituent service.

  13. Since most of you are not from the 12th District (included Keith Rothfus)… you may be best served to keep your bags packed.

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