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Metcalfe Discharge Resolution Forces Democrats to Advance

Metcalfe Discharge Resolution Forces Democrats to Advance

Illegal Alien Apprehension & Deportation Legislation to House Floor

HARRISBURG—Calling today’s surprising Pennsylvania House State Government Committee 13-9 vote to advance his immigration reform legislation to the House floor one small victory for Pennsylvania citizens, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) also warned that House Democrat Leadership still has no intention of following through on the will of people by calling up House Bill 2479 for consideration.   If enacted, House Bill 2479 would provide state and local law enforcement with full authority to apprehend Pennsylvania’s estimated 140,000 illegal alien invaders for deportation. 
Just as he did to bring about the successful repeal of the 2005 state government pay raise, last week Metcalfe introduced a discharge resolution to release his Arizona-modeled legislation from the Democrat-controlled House State Government Committee for full House consideration.  Despite several behind-closed-doors legislative maneuvers executed by Democrat State Government Committee Chairman Babette Josephs to permanently bury the legislation within hours before the final committee vote, a total of 10 House Republican committee members were joined by three House Democrats to successfully advance Metcalfe’s legislation to the House floor.
“My discharge resolution, which would have allowed the people of Pennsylvania to see exactly where their individual state representatives stand on protecting your lives, liberty and property against foreign invaders, provided the ultimate fear factor that made today’s victory possible,” said Metcalfe.   “Even more precisely, it was the fear of nearly every liberal House Democrat being exposed, as supporters of blanket amnesty for illegal alien invaders, before a statewide audience on the House floor that forced Babette Josephs and the rest of House Democrat leadership to advance a bill that they clearly oppose.” 
As further proof, Metcalfe cited a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article, published on July 29, 2010, where Josephs openly admitted her pre-meditated strategy to bury House Bill 2479 in the Democrat-controlled House State Government Committee:
“I give every bill the attention it deserves,” Josephs said. “I believe this bill deserves no attention whatsoever.”
Citizens can register their support for House Bill 2479 by signing the Illegal Immigration Reform petition at and by contacting their respective state legislators.
“Just like Arizona, today’s victory proves that if and when this universally supported legislation does receive a full House vote it will prevail,” said Metcalfe.  “Rest assured, House Democrat leadership will continue to stand as the major obstacle against every effort to protect the lives, liberty and property of every Pennsylvanian from the ever-growing illegal alien invasion.    In order for final victory to be realized sooner, rather than later, Pennsylvania citizens must contact their respective state lawmakers and demand an immediate floor vote on House Bill 2479.”

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