Metcalfe During Hearing “I Don’t Like Men as You Might”

State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) apparently does not like to be touched during committee hearings.  

During a meeting of the State Government Committee, Metcalfe responded to being touched on the arm by the committee’s Democratic chairman Matt Bradford (D-Montgomery) with a strong rebuke.  

“Look, I am a heterosexual, I have a wife, I love my wife, I don’t like men as you might, but stop touching me all the time,” Metcalfe said.  

Metcalfe’s comments were met by awkward laughs by Bradford and others in the meeting.  

“If you want to touch somebody, you have people on your side of the aisle that might like it.  I don’t,” he continued.  

“My intention was to just beg for your permission for about 30 seconds,” Bradford said while laughing.  

“Then beg, don’t touch,” Metcalfe interjected.  

You can view the video below

45 Responses

  1. The target decides what’s appropriate, not the bully. Your wacko faggot bully launched his limp-wristed attack and staged his mock protest when he was told to STOP!

    Is there something about the word, “Stop!” that you cannot understand?

  2. Diono and Abbot, two jerks in a circle, get warm and cuddly indulging in Alinskian libel.

  3. Women can destroy you if you touch them. Those are the rules at this time. Men have the same right. Harassment is harassment, period. The contradiction imposed by this Democrat jackass is that he has the right to impose upon someone he seeks to undermine any unwanted familiarity and justify it with PC terms that contradict what he says in other contexts. Same rules for all. No unwanted familiarity, no touching of anyone after they say, “Stop!”

    1. That’s not the point. You people don’t set the terms of what is acceptable to suit your self-contradictory, destructive agendas. As I just wrote, when someone says, “Stop!” you stop. Is there something about not invading another person’s space (or wallet) that you DemKrat Jackasses don’t understand?

      If I were Metcalf, I’d challenge your friend in the gym with or without gloves. After Metcalf takes care of him, he can take care of you, if you like.

  4. If Metcalfe were a woman, he would be the new face of #MeToo and booked on The View next week.

  5. Clearly, Daryl Metcalfe is a man’s man that doesn’t like to be touched for the following reasons (according to his statement), “I am a heterosexual. I have a wife. I love my wife. I don’t like men as you might.” Now, is it me or does this seem a tad off coming from a guy in politics which is a business where people are hand-shaking or backslapping all the time!!

    1. Don’t invade anyone’s space. If they say, “Stop!” you cease and desist.

      Is there something about this fundamental principle you don’t understand?

  6. I have long suspected that the more homophobic the public official, the deeper in the closet he is, and I try to maintain some compassion for what it must be like to live with so much inner conflict, self-loathing, and disgust. It is bound to surface in ugly ways eventually. Surely the good people of Cranberry Township could put up another candidate and let Mr. Metcalfe have some desperately needed downtime to reflect in privacy.

  7. Can someone PLEASE just buy this guy some poppers and take him clubbing so that he can finally learn to love himself and stop making everyone else miserable? No straight dude thinks about dudes having sex with each other as much as Darryl Metcalfe does.

    1. When someone says, “Stop!” you stop. Is there something about this fundamental rule that you don’t or are unable to get?

  8. Moron, the point is someone requesting another individual to stop touching them. But maybe that’s too difficult a concept for you to fathom.

    1. How about this scenario: the sanctimonius authoritarian not to be questioned attitude of the Majority Chairman will not allow the Minority Chairman to get in a word edgewise. Unless of course if he begs?? Bows down? How about kisses a ring??

      1. When you are ordered by someone to cease and desist unwanted physical contact, you stop. Is there something about this, Jackass, that doesn’t make sense to you?

  9. Daryl has a deep seated fear of something hiding down in his psyche. It has terrified him for so long that he has taken shelter in his closet. We must support him with positive and manly encouragement. When you see him, say “Daryl! Daryl! Daryl! Please come out of the closet!” I read about this therapy in the bible so it must be true.

  10. Don’t worry, we’ll find out soon enough about all the women Daryl likes to touch. It’s coming and he won’t be the only one………..

    1. You have as much evidence about this stupid allegation as you do about Russian collusion, unless, of course, you acknowledge Uranium One.

  11. Close your eyes and pretend that a female had said stop touching me…..would your comments be the same? Maybe this is a somewhat offbeat way to prove a point of double standards?

    1. Snowbunny-
      Okay. Let’s switch genders…

      Picturing a woman putting her hand on the arm of another woman (call her Lady Metcalfe, to pause them and get a word in. Then, Lady Metcalfe, who was touched, going into a homophobic rant, like effeminate Metcalfe did.

      Nope, still wrong.

      Yeah, not really seeing the double standard that you are claiming. Both scenarios, and Metcalfes, are wrong.

      1. If the second woman tells the first one, “Stop! she must cease and desist. Is there something about this fundamental principle your pea-brain can’t get?

  12. Daryl might not like men as much as you like but he sure likes women to the point of harassment.

    1. Evidence? You have made an allegation based on a projected assumption. Back it up or shut up.

  13. Love or hate Metcalfe, he has a point. Bradford is touchy and in this day and age it’s just not cool. And look, corporate America left the suit and tie behind years ago, but in government it is expected. You can see how serious Bradford takes his role as Democratic chair of the committee when he can’t even show up with a tie on. His demeanor is one of laughing around, like being minority chair is some kind of joke. House Democrats would be smart to replace him with someone who can handle the job, respects the position enough to show up not looking like he’s ready for a night out on Second Street, and serious enough to have some intellectual heft.

    1. He reached over and touched his arm to say “hold up and let me finish”, he didn’t grab his junk.

      1. Bradford has repeatedly touch Metcalfe, and Metcalfe has repeatedly asked him to stop – it’s not difficult to see Bradford is doing it to annoy Metcalfe, and intentionally make Metcalfe uncomfortable. That’s harrassment in some circles.

          1. If someone tells you to stop, you stop. Period.

            Is there something about this rule that doesn’t apply to DemKrat Jackasses, like you?

    2. You need to wake up. Touching someone on the forearm is not the same as sexual harassment. Daryl Metcalfe is a disgrace to governments everywhere. He has no point. You have not point.

      1. When you are told to stop, you stop. You don’t decide what’s inappropriate or appropriate, given your party’s Weinstein Standards.

  14. Every time this moron does anything I want to shout to on the rooftops WE DONT CLAIM HIM.

  15. What a complete wacko. And if you listen to what he’s saying, he apparently would have been just fine with a woman touching him. Homophobic jackass.

    1. You refuse to accept the rule. You don’t want to decide who will or won’t be permitted to touch you. Unless you’re using the DemKrat Weinstein System to blame the target of the crime you commit. That’s what your leader, Hillarity, did to Juanita Broadderick.

  16. Metcalfe doesn’t like children, minorities, school funding or the environment either.

    1. But, David Diano, check the banner photos on his Facebook page. He must like children. He’s snuggled up behind a group of Boy Scouts!!!

      1. The Congressman stands at the top row of a formal group portrait next to the Troop leader.

        What you wrote is a shameless slander and you ought to have your mouth rinsed with lye.

        People like you are inherently corrupt, twisting anything in consensus reality in order to ruin and degrade it.

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