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Metcalfe Launches Discharge Resolution Countdown to Force House Vote on Arizona-Modeled Illegal Alien Apprehension & Deportation Legislation

Metcalfe Launches Discharge Resolution Countdown to Force House Vote on Arizona-Modeled Illegal Alien Apprehension & Deportation Legislation
HARRISBURG—Much as he did to bring about the successful repeal of the 2005 state government pay raise, State Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R-Butler) today introduced another discharge resolution to bring his Arizona-modeled legislation (House Bill 2479) before the state House for consideration. House Bill 2479 would provide state and local law enforcement with full authority to apprehend Pennsylvania’s estimated 140,000 illegal alien invaders for deportation.
“Whether it’s legislation to permanently protect the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman or in the case of House Bill 2479 protecting the lives, liberty and property of Pennsylvania taxpayers from the illegal alien invasion, the power-corrupted ACORN never falls far from House Democrat State Government Committee Chairman Babette Josephs,” said Metcalfe.   “Ever since the Democrats regained control of the state House, this committee has earned its reputation as the landfill where Democrat Speaker Keith McCall and Democrat Leader Todd Eachus send Constitutional-affirming laws reflecting the crystal clear will of the people to be buried alive.”
As stated in House Rule 53, “A member may present to the Chief Clerk a resolution in writing to discharge a committee from the consideration of a bill or resolution which has been referred to it 15 legislative days prior thereto…”  After 25 member signatures are collected, the discharge resolution is officially entered in the House Journal and placed on the voting calendar.  Once on the calendar, the final vote on whether to adopt the resolution can be taken on the second day after the full House is notified.
To further make his case for the necessity of discharging House Bill 2479 from Josephs’ jurisdiction, Metcalfe cited:
A photo of Josephs attending an illegal alien amnesty rally at Philadelphia’s Love Park posted on her legislative web site (
·         An American Spectator article entitled, “I Am a Member of ACORN” — Is Legislator Blocking Probe? (, which revealed details of an April 3, 2008 House State Government Committee Hearing where Josephs openly admitted her membership in the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN),  a national organization who abused its non-profit status to collect taxpayer funds and then used those funds for openly partisan political activities.
·         A recent Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) report confirming that final passage of reform legislation such as House Bill 2479 to end the Keystone State’s ongoing illegal alien invasion could save Pennsylvania taxpayers $1.4 billion annually.
·         The final results of a recent KQV Radio/Pittsburgh Tribune Review poll, where an overwhelming 93 percent (1,466) of a total of 1,571 respondents support Metcalfe’s legislation becoming law. 

 “House Democrat State Government Committee Chairman Babette Josephs is without question Legislative Public Enemy No. # 1 when it comes to obstructing the full restoration of the rule of law in favor of taxpaying Pennsylvania citizens who are currently footing the bill for nearly $1.4 billion annually to clothe, feed, educate and incarcerate illegal alien invaders or more precisely Undocumented Democrats,” said Metcalfe.   “Therefore, the dishonorable lady from Philadelphia should have no authority to decide the fate of House Bill 2479.   Regardless of the outcome, the final votes cast on this discharge resolution will allow the people of Pennsylvania to see exactly where their individual state representatives stand on protecting your lives, constitutional liberty and property against foreign invasion.”
Pennsylvania taxpayers can register their support for House Bill 2479 by signing the Illegal Immigration Reform petition at and also by contacting Josephs directly at (215) 893-1515 or by e-mail at

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