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Meuser Announces “Government for the People” Plan

Republican 11th Congressional candidate Dan Meuser announced his first detailed policy plan in a three-page document called his “Government for the People” plan.

The document details Meuser’s positions on key issues, including tax reform, national security, government accountability, debt, and the economy.  

Throughout the document, Meuser voices support for Trump’s agenda and tries to court Trump voters.  

“As your member of Congress, I will be accountable to you, not part of the do-nothing caucus. The first order of business is to help President Trump enact his America First Agenda,” Meuser said in the release announcing the plan.

On tax reform, Meuser says he “will support President Donald Trump’s plan for tax reform, regulatory reform, repealing and replacing Obamacare and enacting a comprehensive domestic energy policy.”

In his government accountability and reform section, he says he will “pursue and introduce legislation which will begin to Drain the Swamp” in D.C.

The move to court the Trump voters will likely be a trend across many of the campaigns in the 11th district.  The district’s current Congressman, Rep. Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne), was one of the Trump campaign’s main surrogates in the state, and is running his Senate campaign courting support from Trump voters.  

You can read the entire document below.  

Meuser for Congress Government for the People Plan.02 by Paul Engelkemier on Scribd

6 Responses

  1. Andrew Lewis is the only candidate with a real plan. He’s not just a bunch of Nrcc talking points. Since those fools in dauphin county wouldn’t send him to Harrisburg I guess we will get to have him in Washington instead. Even better! Andrew is gonna go down there and fix all these problems we have. He will make sure they close the border and stop giving away our jobs. Andrew Lewis is not a career politician like all these other guys in the race. He’s his own man and ain’t in anyone’s pocket like this haircut here. Andrew Lewis will make America great again.

    1. that’s exactly why he didn’t get elected in Harrisburg, because he is young, easily controlled and doesn’t have the capability to raise adequate funds. Maybe he should try to a more attainable seat first.

    2. Andrew Lewis is the only guy with a plan? That’s funny! Haven’t seen the guy put out a single original thought. The only person in the race who has ever held elected office and can be fairly called a career politician is Bloom. Meuser was Sec of Rev by appointment, for only 4 years, taking that department from a D+ rating he inherited to an A- under his leadership. Four years doesn’t a career politician make, though with results like that, not to mention his private sector experience which is unparalleled (Meuser forgot more about business than Lewis knows) happy to have Meuser in office as long as possible!

  2. He wants to repeal and replace the ACA. Yet he made millions selling motorized wheelchairs to seniors by billing Medicare. Of course he supports President Trump’s Tax Reform Plan; he will benefit along with other millionaires like him at the expense of working families. What a joke!

    1. So now it’s bad to be successful in America? Dan Meuser was not born with money. He’s the son of a cop and a stay at home mom. He earned everything he has through hard work, self-made. In America, that’s called achieving the American Dream. Also, the company he helped build from a few people to over a thousand people, a major employer in PA, has helped countless people with disability issues including children, accident victims, people with various medical issues like ALS, veterans of war, etc. If the man achieved some success while also helping tens of thousands of people in need, good for him!

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