Meuser Announces Run to Replace Barletta

Dan Meuser, the former state Revenue Secretary announced today he is running to replace Congressman Lou Barletta (R-Luzerne) who is running for Senate next year.  

“I’m a constitutional conservative who will always put the needs of America first.  I want to restore our broken political system by always working on behalf of the people of the 11th District,” Meuser said in a release.  

Meuser is the former President of Pride Mobility, and was the Revenue Secretary under former Governor Tom Corbett.  

State Representatives Stephen Bloom (R-Cumberland) and Tarah Toohil (R-Luzerne), former federal prosecutor Joe Peters, and businessman Andrew Lewis are also considering runs for the open seat.

Meuser released a video making the announcement, which can be seen below.  

Meuser Announcement V4 from Dan Meuser on Vimeo.

23 Responses

  1. Another intellectual know-it-all lightweight who got where he is because of daddy. Major fail at DOR (go back and watch his budget presentations – the dope never understood the difference between the delaware loophole and a sham transaction). Lots of good office “blowups” – if only the walls of the 11th floor could talk. Modernization? F! PMA? F! Like so many others, at the end of the day he is going to DC to have fun (and get pretty much ZERO done).

  2. Good Dan Meuser is NOT a constitutional conservative (neither is Lou Barletta) but close enough. He will not try to derail the Trump train and would be good choice to succeed Rep. Lou Barletta. I would expect Dan Meuser to support Lou Barletta’s position on immigration which are popular in the district because of the real world impact of immigration in the district. I would expect he could raise the money needed to run.

  3. I hope Tara runs! Not a single woman in the pa delegation. She has held the conservative line in the state house and will do so in DC. We need a true luzerne county candidate to win. Can’t have some southern end candidate who doesn’t understand our area win.

  4. Good choice Dan is to run for congress because for i do plan on supporting for Gordon Delinger is to be the next Lieutenant Governor in 2018.

  5. Glad he formally announced for something, it was time. He was an amazing revenue secretary. There are a lot of players that will shake out in this race, but Meuser throwing his hat into the race surely puts his name in the top tier.

  6. Meuser as Secretarty of Revenue completely botched the gas tax. No more tax-and-spend insiders please

    1. Revenue secretary had nothing to do with the lack of gas tax. He organized the department and helped efficiency. He did not drive a gas tax policy.

      1. Totally ineffective sec of revenue. Complete figure head at pride. Do nothing get nothing done guy. Only good for self aggrandizement and ego building. Total narcissist

  7. Dan Meuser is a good, decent, and honest man. I wish him well in his race for U.S. Congress!

  8. Great Revenue Secretary. He will do well in this position and the people of his congressional district will be lucky to have him.

  9. Qualified, reputable businessperson who has reputation for helping people and the community… BTW, sorry to break the rule on this forum “if you have nothing terrible to say why say anything at all “, but some people running for office and have a reasonably successful working career are not scoundrels… or maybe just maybe your the one with the agenda…hmmm… learning low life techniques from the liberal press r we ?

  10. Great, lets send a guy who can’t keep it in his pants in NEPA down to Washington where it will likely become his sole focus. This is like giving an opioid addict the keys to a CVS.

    1. This is the first post I’ve made in 9 years since my unsuccessful run for Congress. So you can assume anything you’ve seen attributed to me is not my doing.

      Secondly, I find this type of comment truly unfortunate.
      Is it any wonder good people like Dan Meuser hesitate to run to help fix our broken system when citizens resort this this type of inaccurate and offensive mud slinging? If you’re for someone else, tell us why they are good -not why someone else is not, particularly if you’re a republican.
      What do you say we ask candidates what they will do and how they will address our spiraling deficit or broken immigration system? Wouldn’t that really be more helpful in determining who we should elect to represent us?

  11. Just what we need, another “cut taxes on the rich, put more debt on the credit card” Republican cut from the same cloth.

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