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Meuser Ends Year with $471k On Hand

Republican Dan Meuser announced he ended 2017 with $471,000 on hand in his bid to replace Congressman Lou Barletta in the 11th Congressional District.

“Our campaign is hitting full stride as we move into 2018,” Meuser said in a release announcing the total.  

“We are building grassroots support in every county in the 11th Congressional District, earning endorsements, attending events every day and night across the 11th Congressional District and we are working to raise the funds necessary to run a winning campaign.”

According to FEC filings through September 30th, Meuser contributed almost $11,000 to his campaign and loaned a further $250,000.  

State Rep. Stephen Bloom, businessman Andrew Lewis, and former RNC delegate Andrew Shecktor are all also running for the seat.

18 Responses

  1. Joe Desilits called me asking for a donation for Andrew. That creep calling was enough. Much rather give Meuser my money.

    1. You mean Josh Shapiro and Kathleen Kane’s BFF Joe Peters? Dude has so much baggage he should work as a bellhop. Actually, bellhop’s probably one of the 500 Jobs he held in the last year alone.

  2. Word is that Lewis is getting substantial money from Adam Gingrich and his MAGA funding scheme. Sellout to the highest bidder? Shame on you young man.

  3. Andrew Lewis is so outrageously ambitious that I can’t believe anyone follows this guy. He ran for state senate and lost. So then he hatches a plot to carpetbag to Dauphin County to run for Ron Marsico’s state House seat. Then he pivots to running for Congress. We’ve seen so many ambitious characters like this before and they always turn out bad. It’s not about public service and principles for guys like Lewis, no its all about trying to be a rock star and gratifying that massive ego.

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong. Meusers the phony, runs for congress looses then buys himself state government job (runs it poorly), donates to Dems, hires illegals, now is buying his way through a second congress shot.

      Lewis has real grassroots conversative support, gaurentee he outraised meuser this quarter. Probably has 500k COH. Easy. He raised 116k in two weeks!

      1. Runs it poorly? Wow who do you work for?! Listen you can say whatever you want about this guy’s political ambitions, but he questionably was the best Revenue Secretary this state has ever seen. This isn’t us talking about who the MVP of the NFL is here. These are trackable numbers that can be proven. Not opinion based.

    1. Good point Linda2 You will notice it’s always an attack on Meuser from other campaign operatives that starts this petty nonsense. The very first post on Jan 4th from Cash Cow at the bottom of this started it all. The strategy of Meuser’s opponents appears to be: offer nothing in terms of ideas, just play the mudslinging game. That probably explains why his opponents refused to sign his pledge to run a positive campaign–they have nothing to offer except vicious insults under pseudonyms. Read all the candidate websites and see who offers the most in terms of substance. Look at their Facebook pages and see who is traveling all the counties of the district the most.

  4. assuming this is mostly self funded. little surprised, i thought this guy was going to dump millions into the race? Did Hillary Clinton donate back some of the money he sent her? Lewis is going to have the real grassroots money, and he will do a lot more with a lot less.

    1. Ask Andrew how much money he gave to his guy Marco Rubio and then ask Meuser how much he gave to his candidate Trump. Also, can you ask Trump if he got his money back from Hillary yet?

      1. It’s literally public information that MEUSER gave thousands of dollars to Rubio. Meanwhile Andrew didn’t give Rubio a dime… it’s all public information from the FEC…

  5. At the end of the day I’d bet my kids college fund that Meuser still raised more than that state rep and young guy from Perry.

    1. Does raising more count self funding? Id bet Lewis actually out-raised everyone. He raised 116k in the first two weeks. He probably has 500k in the bank easy.

  6. Self funding and rich family members give certain candidates a big advantage. He raised a little over $200 thousand.

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