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Meuser, Reschenthaler Speak Out On Upcoming Biden Rally

Reps. Dan Meuser and Guy Reschenthaler

In a press availability on Friday, U.S. Reps. Dan Meuser (R-09) and Guy Reschenthaler (R-14) lashed out against President Joe Biden’s administration’s failures ahead of the president’s rally in Philadelphia on Saturday.

The congressmen were joined by the chair of the Pennsylvania Republican Party, Lawrence Tabas.

The trio took turns criticizing Biden’s costly economic policies and track record ahead of his first campaign event.

Meuser also praised some of the candidates in the 2024 Republican presidential field, saying “they’re so far beyond what this administration has done. So we got to be smart in this election. We’re going to be cohesive, and we’re going to engage in corrective policies. And soon as we gain the White House back, keep the house, gain the Senate, I know America’s gonna see a change of course and be very appreciative of it.”

Reschenthaler, one of Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s deputy whips in the House, said “Joe Biden is acting as a wannabe dictator trying to jail his chief political opponents for the rest of his natural life. The press says nothing about it. So we cannot afford to let Joe Biden and the extreme radical Democrats finished this so-called job.”

Tabas talked about the GOP’s new embrace of mail-in balloting.

“We have developed a task force and we’re working very strongly now on educating our voters,” he said. “I am very confident that you’re going to see a much larger vote by Republicans, those supporting our candidates by mail this year and next year. The program is working and I think you’re going to see more of it this November, and absolutely next year.”

He also addressed the party’s “post-mortem” from the 2022 election.

“We’ll learn from it,” he said. “We are working at implementing new strategies. I’m not going to go into all of the details of the things that were in that report because they are our proprietary elements of our campaign, but we are starting to see some positive change in the mail-in ballot. I’m very optimistic that the four candidates that we recruited and endorsed and won our primary for state judicial races this year will be successful.”

Carolyn Carluccio is the GOP nominee for the state Supreme Court, while Maria Battista and Harry Smail are the nominees for the state Superior Court. Megan Martin rounds out the quartet as the Republican candidate for Commonwealth Court.

In response to a question, Meuser said that he does have a presidential candidate that he favors, but was unwilling to share a name.

“I do have a candidate that I plan on supporting , but I’m not prepared to state right now,” he said. “What I’m interested in is defeating the Biden administration because I do think the three I mentioned (former President Donald Trump, former VP Mike Pence and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis) and many more will follow similar policies improving on strengthening our national security and having a border that is secure.” Meuser did indicate that he will be making a statement of support for a candidate “within the next couple of weeks.”

Reschenthaler also replied to a question about the indictment of Trump and its possible effect on the GOP nominating race.

“Everybody recognizes that this indictment is indicative of two things,” he said. “A two-tier criminal justice system that we have in the United States where those that support the ruling regime are treated one way and everybody else is treated in another way. I think President Trump is facing criticism for what Joe Biden and his family actually did.”

Meuser added that “people realize that our country, our federal government, our executive branch of government has some real, real scary problems. And there’s certainly emboldened people to believe we need to change and, at the same time, shows that it clearly that we cannot have an executive branch and a DOJ that operates in what seems like a very obvious unfair weaponization of their authority.”

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  1. I would like to know if Dan Meuser believes in law and order? If so, let a jury of Donald’s peers decide if he is guilty, not a bunch of politicians that are biased. A grand jury indicted Trump, not the President, not the DOJ, but American citizens.

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