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Meuser Wins PA9 Republican Primary

Former Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser will have the inside track for one of Pennsylvania’s new congressional districts. 

He won the GOP primary for the 9th district, which leans strongly Republican. 

Meuser is currently leading with 53% of the vote.  His competitors, former CIA operative Scott Uehlinger and Schuylkill County Commissioner George Halcovage have 25% and 20% respectively at the time of this report.

Meuser is known for serving as the Secretary of Revenue under former Governor Tom Corbett, and for being the President of the Pride Mobility Corporation, a national manufacturer of motorized wheelchairs. He will face the winner of a 3-way Democratic race between Denny Wolff, Gary Wegman, and Laura Quick.

In 2008, he ran in the GOP primary to face then-Rep. Chris Carney.

9 Responses

  1. Laura Loomer and Sebastian Gorka should couple up for Dancing with the Stars, as both need new paychecks with Uehlinger out of the race. They’ll perform better dancing.

  2. A few pieces of advice for Halcovage:
    > Next time, run for the right reasons – you did this for all the WRONG reasons.
    > Assemble a competent campaign team – yours was horrid.
    > Learn when it’s your time – this was clearly not your time and now any political aspirations you ever had are now gone, including your commissioner seat.
    > When you campaign across a district, you need to visit the counties more than one time. All you did was campaign in Schuylkill County for the most part. Even in doing so, you almost lost Schuylkill.
    > Don’t blame anything else but yourself. I read where you blamed money, getting a late start, no endorsements, blah, blah, blah. Look in the mirror. You did not do well for a reason. The people have spoken.
    > Lastly, don’t try to do rumor control by saying what you think people are going to say about you. Many people know about the skeletons in your closet and you’re lucky none of those came out. Your lame attempt at rumor control almost backfired.

    Take this constructive criticism for what it’s worth and I hope you learned a valuable lesson here. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  3. Nice job Mr. Meuser. You showed these other two clowns how to run a winning campaign. Too bad they forced you to spend your campaign money. Not even sure why they were in the race in the first place, but some people just love to see themselves in the spotlight. Halcovage should be concerned that his own county nearly rejected him! Good luck in November and keep up the hard work.

  4. I hope this serves as a reality check for ego-maniac Halcovage. Not only did he get crushed across the board, he almost lost his own county!! This should tell him all he needs to know, but of course he blamed lack of money and getting a late start for his demise. His campaign team was a bunch of amateurs without a plan. All he did was attach Meuser, which was a horrible approach in my opinion. I think he should be ousted as commissioner because clearly he is not well liked.

  5. Dan Meuser has fake teeth and I will not support fake teeth for this November’s election

  6. congrats Dan Meuser and I will support you for this November’s election.

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