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Miccarelli Accused of Sexual Misconduct

State Rep. Nick Miccarelli (R-Delaware) is reportedly accused by two women of assaulting them physically or sexually in separate incidents in the last six years.

According to the Inquirer and the Caucus the two women allege that Miccarelli “threatened, stalked, intimidated or sexually assaulted them” in a confidential complaint filed February 8th.  State House leaders have opened an inquiry into the allegations.  

The women are requesting that Miccarelli resign his seat.  

From the Inquirer:

One of the women, who was in a relationship with Miccarelli in 2012, claimed in the complaint that during one argument, he brandished a gun while driving at speeds in excess of 100 m.p.h., threatening to kill them both. The second woman alleges that Miccarelli forced her to have sex with him after their relationship ended in 2014.

The women said in interviews they remained silent for years because they feared that speaking up would jeopardize their careers, if not their lives. They are coming forward as the #metoo movement has emboldened hundreds of women across the nation to openly discuss what they describe as a pervasive culture of sexual harassment or abuse in the workplace.

Miccarelli denies the accusations, calling them “absolute lies, a thousand percent lies” to the Inquirer.  

The woman who dated Miccarelli in 2012 was so scared of him that “shortly before she ended her relationship with him, she stapled a note to her life insurance policy saying he should be considered a suspect in the event something happened to her” and when she did end the relationship she took members of her family to an undisclosed location.  

The second woman, who dated Miccarelli in 2014 alleges that he forced her to have sex with him when she tried to end their relationship, and that while they were in a consensual relationship Miccarelli drugged her.  

Miccarelli told the Inquirer “Let me make this clear. I’ve never drugged or sexually assaulted anyone.”  

Miccarelli’s seat will likely be a hotly contested district, Hillary Clinton won the district by 3 points in 2016.

Miccarelli follows state Sen. Daylin Leach and state Rep. Tom Caltagirone to have allegations of sexual harassment come forward since the start of the Me Too movement has led to women opening up about harassment in their lives.

28 Responses

  1. This is a really bad situation all around. I don’t see how Miccarelli can run a race without constantly talking about the alleged matter. It’s a totally negative and campaign thwarting distraction in every way. Also, should the matters above shown to be true it is necessary for the Rep to leave office. In short, it is a complete mess for the citizens of this district and the effectiveness of their State Rep.

  2. In America, we have due process – or, at least we had due process. Part of that due process is to be able to face our accuser.

    I am not saying these women were not sexually assaulted and I am not blaming the supposed victims. I am saying that if you accuse someone of something, you must be prepared to step forward.

    There are other motivations which can enter into these accusations. They could be motivated by spurned lovers or be a convenient political attack.

    If you were innocent of these charges, wouldn’t you want to know who is accusing you before your career is ruined?

    1. Justavet-

      There is due process. The women DID step forward to law enforcement. They aren’t anonymous women calling in stories.

      However, their names are withheld by the press/public as a journalistic/legal standard for women in this situation.

      The press reported on the charges they filed, and gave some rough background on the women as Republican staffers and their past romantic relationship with Nick to establish why they were involved with Nick and to give context.

      So, don’t treat this like an anonymous posting here. There is due process. Nick knows who these women are (and likely has been warn by police to stay away from them).

      1. One of them is a “state official”, which suggests she is likely an elected member of the House. These are people who have a political incentive to keep silent and protect their caucus, but who are stepping up to make sure a predator does not escape justice.

  3. “Sexual misconduct” is one hell of a euphemism to describe an alleged violent rape.

  4. Mr. Diano, I am a Conservative Republican from Florida today and felt I should say that 1st and foremost. I am not involved in politics in any manner at all in Florida or anywhere else. Having said that, your comments are spot on and very articulate and I have no idea your platform of opinions on PA matters but I commend you for your insight & understanding of the breaking news story. I consider myself an independent and would and do vote for the best candidate…
    Jesus Dave, you keep this up and I’ll have to move back to Pennsylvania to vote for you. Strong Thumbs Up…

    1. Jim-

      Thanks. Fortunately there is a cure for Conservative Republicanism (turn off FoxNews, Breitbart, and other propaganda “news” sources). 🙂

      As for my own political views, they stem from a strong sense of equality and civil rights.

      Huey Jwone-
      I was unaware of Mr Fike until yesterday. I learned from Daylin’s victim of Mr Fike’s efforts to help her 25 years ago.

      1. Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities, 113 Billion annually for illegal aliens benefits, 50 Billion for Planned Parenthood, and shipping every manufacturing job overseas while leaving huge unemployment are topics I’d love to know where you stand. Should America give away it’s entire net worth to the Middle East and remain energy dependent? I’m for honest politicians on either side of the isle, but term limits has to be built in because too many politicians are only there to take and do nothing. I never thought I’d see the day when half of American Politicians could care less about Americans safety and or security.

        Yes, National Parks are terrific and yes we need sane & rigid envioronmental laws to protect all of communities and fresh water. But, only in rare cases does Big Government every improve matters in any category.

        One of my questions to you would be why do you have a lock and door & garage door on your home? Why not remove them and leave the keys in your car. The illegals need a place to sleep and eat and be cared for, right? It always struck me as odd that all the Democrats what to be safe, love fences and walls around their homes and the same group uses armed guards and their own arsenal of guns for safety. But like the Rino Paul Ryan he wants to protect himself and leave everyone else unprotected. You can apply the same standard to Hillary Clinton & Marco Rubio. Total 100% hypocrites.
        Lastly, take a look at Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Walmart are all far left liberal sanctuaries where there is no open dialogue or descent and everything is slanted, slandered, and or controlled. Yet they all run to bury and hide their assets and pay as little taxes as possible.

        Until the last 12 months these companies were totally content to keep all their cash offshore and bleed every community dry. Are you okay w/ that too? One example of many is Amazon w/ their headquarters in Luxembourg to avoid all taxes and now to add a second headquarters where they want the land for free and to be no taxes and to get cheaper rates at the USPS than any other taxpayers or business. While at the same time hiring as few full time workers as possible and abusing the part time employees as bad as any non union worker in the 1930’s.

        Full stop, I think you get my message and I avoided all politics about PA…

        1. David, I apologize and Planned Parenthood only gets about 1.5 Billion dollars annually from the Federal Government and not the 50 Billion I mentioned. I stand corrected and have embarrassed myself w/ way too many billions there.

        2. Jim-

          Thanks for your correction on Planned Parenthood, but the money from government is about 1/3 of your 1.5 billion number. Google: “planned parenthood budget” and look the breakdowns.

          Only 3% of the services they provide are for abortions. The other 97% are health screening (for stuff like cancer), contraception, family planning and other women’s health issues.

          The jobs are going overseas because the manufacturing companies can employ cheap labor and avoid taxes. A lot of jobs are being lost to automation. The Republicans consistently cut funding for education and job training. There are millions of jobs in the USA that are unfilled because employers can’t get skilled workers to run computer equipment and or other technical skills.

          The “illegals” are mixed in with the kids who were brought here as children. The children committed no crime, and as adults commit fewer crimes on average the American born citizens. These kids LOVE the US and enlist in the military, get jobs as teachers, and help their communities. The are labeled with the “illegal” tag to promote racism against them.

          Walmart is a liberal sanctuary? Walmart pays it’s workers minimum wage, and tries to cut hours to avoid paying health benefits. Full-time workers live in poverty and need food stamps (which they wind up spending at Walmart), while the Walton family gets billions in tax breaks.

          Apple does manufacture overseas with underpaid workers in poor conditions. Google, Facebook, and Amazon don’t manufacture much (except for stuff like Kindle or Echo).

          The “liberals” want the corporations paying their fair share of taxes. We are opposed to tax havens and sweetheart deals for them. Liberals are the ones fighting Amazon for better work conditions and trying to unionize their workers.

      2. To Huey Jwone> I’m Jim Fike and I had not ever met Cara Taylor and never even knew her name until about December 23rd of 2017. Ironically, twenty five (25) years ago her name was Cara Kunz…but due to the internet I was able to piece together a past court case and that lead me to the victim. We’ve never met and if fact I have no idea what Cara looks like. However, in 1992 I was friendly with and helping Daylin Leach as any good friend would w/ his campaigns and even going to court to testify for him. However, when your aware of real and serious misconduct it is important to step forward any help. That is what I have attempted to do. You’ll learn most of the details on Sunday… thru the Philly Inquirer story, however I moved away from PA in 1993 and lived in Florida every since.

  5. Micarelli has been flowed by some strange accusations in GOP circles for years by ex girlfriends. None of which went beyond his cheating…slimey yes but never harassment or rape.
    Dems in #delco have been trying to take out micarelli as a sexual deviant for years and frankly trying to rehash old claims from ex_girlfriends.

    Knowing the rep a bit and some other circumstances this whole thing smells to high hevan. Only when seriously looking at congressional bid does this come out…

    1. Declopolitico (aka Nick?)

      You’re trying to blame this on the Delco Dems?

      Both women were Republican operatives. They filed their complaints with a “senior House ethics officer and lawyer” (in the GOP controlled House) The Dems didn’t rehash old claims. The women filed complaints a few weeks ago.

      Congressional bid? The new 5th is as unwinnable for the GOP as the old 7th was for the Dems. There are 16 Dems fighting for that seat in the Dem primary, because they know that even a dead cat as the Dem nominee could win in Nov.

      1. Pretty sure I’m not Nick. I have significant physical differences and ive been assulted and been harrased by members of the gop (no need to file charges bc I stood up for myself, reported it then and there and the staffers in question were fired) Never micarelli who has been beyond reproach and honestly one of the better guys from my experiences. These stories have been floating in GOP circles for at least 10 yrs and were not uncommon among his exs. Many claims were investigated at the time and dismissed and i know some of his exs were pissed about the breaks up and cheating. Cheating is a douche move but it’s not harrasment. Seriously, do you think a young state rep would still be in office (esp a gop member) if he harrased or rapped women? Why now? We know there are double standards. Let’s be realistic here…
        If the charges are true (I’m skeptical) then yes, he needs to go but why is this coming to light only now when this claimed pattern of behavior has been going on for at least 10 years…with no suits or legal action.

        1. Declopolitico-

          The “why now” is because the claims of victims are being taken seriously, and weren’t in the past. Daylin’s victim from 25 years ago is coming forward this week, because she read the story from Dec 17th about Daylin’s workplace harassment. (The new story is 100 times worse.)

          Women are not coming forward with criminal charges against people like Nick on a “whim”. They would face serious legal repercussions for filing false police reports. Give that one said Nick threatened her with a gun, they had serious concerned about their safety and lives if they came forward and their accusations were not treated seriously. So, if they came forward years ago, they might have been ignored, and more at risk from Nick retaliating.


          1. Yes and no. Victims were being taken very seriously and I know that for a fact. The only differences in the media is paying attention…

          2. Declopolitico-

            No. The voters are paying attention. The women are standing up. The politicians realize that if they don’t start protecting women, they will be replaced by women who will.

    2. How long until he changes his story but claims it was PTSD that made him do it?

      You know it’s real when even known idiot Miskin isn’t out there spinning it as fake news.

  6. Daylin’s story is just starting. The Sunday Inquirer will likely drop a “Roy Moore” story about Daylin that occurred 25 years ago. It’s every bit as creepy as the Roy Moore stories we’ve heard in the news.

    The victim (and that’s very much the correct term here) was 17 and Daylin was 30. The allegations involve ethical misconduct, as the girl was the daughter of a client he was defending (poorly) for a serious crime.

    The VERY interesting thing is that reporters had tried to track this girl down several years ago, but were unable because she had gotten married and moved.

    BUT (and this is AWESOME)… she had read the Dec 17th expose of Daylin from the Inquirer. It was the bravery of the women in THAT article that prompted her to reach out to the reporting team at the Inquirer to tell her story (and she will be using her real name).

    One does not need to be a Trump-level “stable genius” to put two and two together and realize why Daylin dropped out of the Congressional race for the slam-dunk new 4th district in Montco over the weekend.

    The newspaper surely contacted him to get his side of the story (a story that he must have thought was long buried because no reporters had been able to locate the girl). Once Daylin was alerted to the story coming out, he announces he wanted to spend more time with his family and kids (that are applying to college). This of course is an obvious lie, because if elected, he wouldn’t take office until a year from now, and the kids will soon be away at college soon anyway (so, working in DC wouldn’t really change the time spent with them that much).

    This story will move Daylin (in the public eye) from creepy workplace harasser to full on Roy Moore sexual predator.

    It’s so bad that even the Montco Dem Committee that has REFUSED to condemn him (or even chastise him) will be left with no choice but to call for his immediate resignation from the state senate.

    My understanding is that he’s past the statute of limitations for criminal prosecution (see the full story Sunday). However, I don’t know if the Bar Association is so limited if they want to disbar him.


  7. Hmmmm…..not sure what to make of this. People do strange things when ending relationships…and then remember odd details years later? MeToo????

    1. Strange things, certainly, but rape is in another category altogether. This is not excusable. The culture surrounding rape with the shame and the victim blaming is a large part why these things often take years to come out. Your insinuations are part of the problem.

      The capitol police were all over the capitol yesterday in an unusual show of force. The story included allegations that he was concealed carrying around the capitol and had made threats. That does not seem like a coincidence to me.

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